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'COSATU has betrayed workers under Zongiswa Losi's leadership' - OPINION | All Comments

2021-02-21 07:11:14
It is under a woman and a Sangoma that COSATU allowed government to freeze, the wages of government employees indefinitely, and to implement IMF austerity measures. ...
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  • GUEST_rgwAb89P2

    02-21 08:37:24

    It is unheard of to allow one party in the sealed agreement to cancel it on the last lap, after implementing it for two years. This is a joke. No unions ?

  • SamuelSindelo-kaMapete

    02-21 12:21:23

    So true, infact Cosatu are the workers traitor since 1994!!

  • GUEST_9eqz7AJky

    02-21 10:01:55

    then they will be campaigning for the same employer in the next coming election

  • realitycheck

    02-21 08:53:02

    cosatu failed its long ago.thru workers subscriptions they live in suburbs,drive expensive cars, invest in big companies, they dont help fired or retrenched workers financially, to me they ar sam as their political bros

  • +27-076820****

    02-21 14:34:29

    Hi! Zingi

  • GUEST_omePlxA2a

    02-21 13:41:10

    Cosatu is ANC,they plan how to spend our money together

  • GailRidgge

    02-21 12:26:59

    Going nowhere with, whilst it may be affirmative action, no clue about history of working class. Window dressing!

  • SonwabileMakasi

    02-21 09:46:17

    the working especially the civil servants is being exploited just her nose and I never heard her saying anything about civil servants of being deprived of their increment in terms of 2018 Agreement.

  • GobizaN

    02-22 18:08:44

    Not only Cosatu in fact most unions affiliated to Cosatu have betrayed poor people because they are sleeping or sharing the stage with the government and they have become toothless. Most negotiators don't come back to report because they are promised positions by the government. Sadtu is also quite yet teachers are suffering and dying from covid-19. Food has gone up, teachers are struggling to buy good houses, get RDP houses and to buy expensive cars

  • GodfreyMthembu

    02-22 16:02:53

    Toothless and useless COSATU done it again pretending to be care about workers.Capitalist nxah

  • LesibaThubakgale_01

    02-21 12:47:47

    Cosatu same as Anc

  • KhaumeRamara

    02-21 12:36:49

    Cosatu was never cosatu we knew prior 1994 , we shouldn't blame her , there are men who want to unseat her that's why they are saying all this.

  • LuckyMathipa

    02-21 14:14:43

    Cosatu should have parted ways with ANC when they became the governing party. They're now the referee and players to their subscribers. Their virtue of being in tripartite aligns with ANC make them joint labour law maker. Why should they lead many industrial actions against labour laws co-created by them?

  • Chrisrams

    02-22 02:06:28

    Cosatu must never tell us that there is no money, because we never had meetings, strikes, workshops, elections, because of COVID, we are only contributing on monthly basis

  • KatlholoMoremong

    02-21 11:26:34

    All leaders ,irrespective of which organization,are no longer for their followers but for themselves.amcu is not a UNION but Mathunjwa's business .

  • GUEST_3wo5o4ozv

    02-21 09:25:21

    Long overdue sleeping with employer.We need unions without government involvement.


    02-21 18:38:07

    Is not only cosatu even numsa they betray their workres and act like they care wich means all anc even mkv they do they do the same acting like strong worrior

  • GUEST_e4owoVBzJ

    02-21 18:11:16

    COSATU is ANC they pick these leaders to speak loud as if is for you where is Sdumo probably MP/Minister that is what they working for. Union after retrenchment they nowhere to be found. Companies will retrench they make hollow noise and you go and stay at home. Your subcribtion is an ATM for unions that is the reason teachers are brought in to increase union income.

  • ThimotyVeli

    02-21 16:27:37

    cosatu was failed US so much

  • GUEST_pxK9qqw1y

    02-21 15:26:00

    she is useless talking yarayara for nothing vavi was brilliant

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