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The most dangerous diseases in the world and people should be aware and alert about this. [OPINION] | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:57:16
When Jacob Zuma was a President there was this disease that took people's lives known as Ebola but we are glad in South Africa Patrice Motsepe and Jacob Zuma tried by all means to pay nurses and doctors to test people at the borders before coming in South ...
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  • Seniorj

    02-02 17:39:09


  • LuluM

    02-02 16:52:49

    Can people stop please. Why keep on scarring us. Ay sobona khona anisyeke

  • Orlandotherainmaker

    02-02 17:37:41

    Nice make-up


    02-02 19:53:49

    With the nails you will know that this is makeup

  • GUEST_lzYby2Ryk

    02-02 17:43:57

    This is fake

  • GUEST_2kxBvAv50

    02-02 17:21:54

    Even if is a disses is not for us blacks is for whites people.

  • GUEST_e1KeL9qKZ

    02-02 18:29:04

    Ridiculously fake. Mxm

  • +27-72631****

    02-02 19:40:20

    go away Satan

  • GUEST_LkKkNkvL5

    02-02 19:08:30

    admin you are bored ne?

  • GUEST_bO48rnq98

    02-02 18:02:44

    opera stop acting childish this is not news

  • GUEST_zG53QxD8l

    02-03 05:48:14

    Ha ha ha south African people, God love you so much, but you're the same people who chase men of God away from your country, You should ask for God's God's mercy, now they are afew who are for TB Joshua's followers, please learn from them the life they are living. In this century we need God more than anything, its the year of HUMILITY. Thanks it's me from Tanzania.

  • GUEST_dxbQaG0Dj

    02-03 19:51:21

    lies mxm


    02-03 13:51:32



    02-03 11:48:38

    only God knows

  • SoneniMosesMabena

    02-03 10:55:15

    make up tjoooooo ngashiywa ligazi

  • GUEST_bKvNb8x7E

    02-03 06:25:04

    voetsek there is no such. copy n paste

  • GUEST_OOvd9BgeE

    02-03 06:14:13

    You are enjoying this aren't you?idiot

  • CeriaPakani

    02-03 05:17:04

    that is makeup n it gives me echy body 😠 nxa

  • banks101

    02-03 05:15:44

    writer if you don't have anything to write please just play with urself in the bed room and leaves us alone . whats the name of the disease you are talking about , where did in come from , who do u think u are fooling , voetsek mrn


    02-02 23:02:14

    stop scaring people with this fake make up pictures. those who bring about fear to people are agents of satan and comes from the dark. fear is evil 😡

  • MaryNdhlovu_03

    02-02 22:09:46


  • GUEST_ga9pDxQbx

    02-02 20:47:44

    Name the disease plz

  • @jobe

    02-02 20:32:33

    opera, kahle kahle ubona bobhare kithi haaaaa, stop this okay


    02-02 20:30:39

    msunu wakho uyanya tsek

  • ZinhleZizi

    02-02 19:49:31


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