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Breaking News! Watch Soweto Man Stop at a Petrol Station and Shoot Himself in the Head | All Comments

2021-02-02 20:05:53
Date: 02/02/21 Source: https://twitter.com/Membrane_ZA/status/1356676431397478401?s=19 The horrors of the world surely have no end. The country of South Africa just celebrated its first day of lifting the alcohol ban. Many people are in high spirits as the ...
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  • +27-79322****

    02-05 12:03:58

    where are you FROM. Sharpville is not in Soweto.

  • GUEST_zy0O6N6AP

    02-03 00:33:20


  • GUEST_JvK8qyx2r

    02-02 23:17:27

    is lifting of alcohol a thing to be celebrated?u write as if it's a proud thing to unborn alcohol

  • JoBond

    02-02 22:42:48

    Stressful would maybe he was fed up of life..

  • TumeloMolea

    02-02 22:04:33

    Probably a jilted lover

  • GUEST_WnL3o1629

    02-02 21:40:37

    Yhooo its sad

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