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All unemployed people should get R1500 per month until they get their jobs back. READ. [OPINION] | All Comments

2021-02-02 18:33:03
President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the great news that people were waiting for since last year December because he opened alcohol sales and beaches and some people are now happy especially those who work at breweries and beaches. Government should also cr ...
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  • VanessaLalbeharee

    02-05 12:03:44

    from December I never receive my money I was decline January I was pending then decline an sassa existing sassa grant I dt get grant I applied for the R350 all the other mths I got the last 2 mths I never receive any money iam unemployed nt wkin pietermaritzburg knz plz if anyone knows wat I must do I even fone tell number no help from them.

  • GUEST_P26xlw5Kd

    02-03 14:18:49

    Voestek lier

  • DouwJacobs

    02-03 07:50:20

    sa ther s no money left goverment take all of it so it is inposible to give money away

  • ThembaGeorge

    02-03 01:30:22

    they deserve it to sustain and pay their debts , because our Debts are in Lawyers it's unfair because we lost our Jobs because of Lockdown

  • ThembaGeorge

    02-03 01:27:02

    that's great

  • GUEST_wBdD9D2Gj

    02-02 22:13:55

    south africans meaning some of us don't appreciate what our government is doing for the unemployment.if you want to receive your sweat money fine leave those who can't find a job let the government look after them im Hendry

  • DinèoÇMokoné

    02-02 21:44:37

    that would be great idea for you but I want my own salary money that I work for not peanuts sorry

  • IsabelRoberts

    02-02 21:17:09

    That would be GREAT God bless you

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