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Thabo Mbeki Slams #PutSouthAfricansFirst" Movement As Illogical | All Comments

2021-02-02 13:43:11
Former South African president, Thabo Mbeki has slammed the #PutSouthAfricansFirst movement as illogical. Mbeki said the movement is meant to destabilize the country as there is no such a thing as "putting South Africans first." "This thing is systematical ...
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  • Manoja

    02-02 15:31:05

    Worst of all Mbeki decides to ignore the fact that the Lesotho Highlands Water Project was conceived and built by Lesotho and National Party regime while he was smoking pipe in London. He must tell us the truth and not come with a veiled excuse for foreign national ro run amok without respecting our laws. If Lesotho tries to stop with the water supply it will be shooting itself in the foot as they are landlocked and depends 100% on South Africa for everything.

  • GUEST_pqwRdo952

    02-02 14:59:39

    Old wood Mbeki just enjoy your retirement and shut up, because those water of Lesotho we are buying those water you thank for you opinion old wood.

  • JohnsMphalo_02

    02-02 16:19:03

    Voetsek, Mbeki we put in power , and you have done nothing to us .so you are busy pushing kwerekweres down our throat. bloody failure. go and start making kids , rubbish

  • Seeks

    02-02 15:38:38

    People with millions like Mbeki & Malema don't feel the pressure of overcrowded because they lack nothing.Even our black tenderpreneous hire foreigners for cheap labour

  • GUEST_Z0rRWA4p0

    02-02 15:19:13

    We all know y Mbeki speaks like this,his protecting his business interests in africa by sacrificing the average citizen,when you speak at a level of privaledge you'll never see how illegal immigration affects the average citizen on the ground


    02-02 16:14:09

    we know u have business there n ur trying to protect them all of u bunch of criminals only legal immigrants are welcome

  • GUEST_kLn7Oy2OY

    02-02 17:48:50

    Lesotho Dam was built by South African money.

  • GUEST_8jdGRjKG4

    02-02 19:01:18

    Well said former President. Educated and business-minded South Africans will never worst their precious time arguing and spreading "hate-foreigner" speech. Go to the farms they got thousands vacancies, open vegetable markets. For real like-minded idiots do you expect the SA government to impregnate your wife's in order to shower praises on them? If you can't please your woman in bed do you blame it on foreigners? If you spend all your grant on booze do you blame it on foreigners? Wake up!

  • +27-84626****

    02-02 16:01:31

    These ANC people they think South Africa belongs to themselves, No.. now they forget to say apartheid was a team effort to fight against even the 1976 they did play a good role but now they want to take everything with them no... it's wrong let's share the wealth of the country before you can call your foreigners.

  • GUEST_qwp1YeDjN

    02-02 15:37:46

    Ur kids first then makhi second,ohhhh I 4got what do U know about kids, enjoy our tax,n shut up

  • Truthhurtz

    02-02 15:41:22

    A nonsensical assessment from a Mbeki who is a dollar multi-millionaire. The argument is illegal immigrants. Let's start with the vaccination can South Africa afford to vaccinate its own citizens & these illegal immigrants or should we prioritize illegal immigrants at the expense of South Africans. Ndlozi & his cult leader will do anything to achieve political power even if it means South Africans have to suffer. They, politicians are not affected by hardships experienced by poor South Africans on a daily basis. Government will alway prioritize the luxury lives of politicians. They all benefited from the tender system & unfair advantage of being awarded shares by white owned companies because of their positions in politics. Let's go back to Malema & Shivambo's On-Point. The other question is how did Mbeki & wife become dollar multi millionaires. We fight amongst each other at ground level but all these politicians have an understanding. Show me a rich politician & I will show you a crook.

  • +27-71792****

    02-02 16:02:00

    Foolish fools start by bringing all incompetent south african fools that are working at mines in DRC

  • SydneyMalinga

    02-02 20:38:29

    South Africa pays Lesotho for Highlands Water Project, Lesotho's currency is equivalent to South Africa's in value as a favour by South Africa NOT because of Lesotho's economic strength. Lesotho's citizens work in South African mines and as domestic workers and that benefits their country. South Africans have never been a priority to ANC politicians and the learned Mbeki is a chief contributor to the economic ruin that is Zimbabwe.

  • GUEST_8y5jX9q6l

    02-02 17:10:02

    that's so funny that Mbeki is saying all this and no comments about illegal immigrants in our country that are doing as they pleased and South Africans should keep quiet, we support Action South Africa as it will help South Africans . Mbeki is living a good life from our tax money as well this why he thinks about Africa while we struggling and getting killed by foreigners

  • GUEST_0JjDZdjjP

    02-02 15:53:05

    You black African jealous,tell white foreigner to leave south Africa u will cross border like black Zimbabweans,black is nothing.no business for black here all business for white foreigner.jealous because of your brother and sister.u will see it


    02-02 20:36:01

    there's is logic Mr.Mbeki.


    02-02 20:34:35

    there is logic Mr.Mbeki, there is a lot of illegal foreigners in South Africa who are preferred over our own South Africans due to cheap labour and exploitation by business owners.

  • ...Salute...

    02-02 18:45:42

    Hes talking nonsense.


    02-02 16:28:53

    As for any youth sitting at home unemployed and come election vote for EFF. what a waste of a vote. Stay at home while these foreigners are working.

  • +27-84626****

    02-02 15:51:57

    Don't tell us what to do cause you are one of the president who didn't do anything to develop the people of South Africa or their life, so you where there for your family and friends, ANC it's a family business not for South African so stop protecting your iligal immigrants and irritating us you fuke opportunist.

  • GUEST_39zvj5dn4

    02-02 15:27:59

    You're being illogical self.Say because somebody do business with you, he/she free to do whatever she/he in your house?Let me explain it simpler,do we have people just walking to these nations to go and fight with hosting nations citizens for whatever the said nation is providing to it's citizens?Say,in places like Ruwanda,do we have south Africans fighting for jobs with Ruwandans in their country?Like they say, people who eats smart feel no pain of hunger.So whatever subject you studied,it remains the truth that what you studied in the book is equally irrelevant to the daily struggle of our community.

  • ThamiShange

    02-02 15:19:15

    udakiwe wena

  • GUEST_q2rBdLQvW

    02-02 18:36:31

    Mbeki is right........don't blame the foreigners blame the ANC

  • GUEST_0r1Xd6DXk

    02-04 02:02:27

    Mbeki is defending Lesotho because his late mother comes from Lesotho. He is comfortable enjoying life with all the benefit including security against all these Zimbabweans bandits.

  • phindileDekeza

    02-03 08:53:45

    when you do not know please ask not say things that you do not have knowledge if you just keep quiet there is nothing will happen so keep your silence.

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