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Storm Wreaks Havoc In Ermelo Mpumalanga | All Comments

2021-02-02 12:24:37
On Sunday 31 January 2021 a severe storm crossed paths with Ermelo. Heavy rain, wind and lighting battered Ermelo. The storm caused flash floods and trees to topple over. Some of the residents in Ermelo experienced the worst case scenario on Sunday when a ...
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    02-02 15:00:32

    i saw this flooding in Ermelo Sunday

  • Antoniette

    02-02 17:19:22

    hmmmmmm it was bad ,too much

  • Sinarise

    02-02 15:23:43

    things were hectic I hope there is no one who left us🙆🙆👌


    02-02 19:45:09

    Tender ya pula bae file stlaela this year

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