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Mzansi celebrities who did plastic surgery (transformation) | All Comments

2021-02-22 04:36:02
Plastic surgery is a a common trait of our time and a lot of people are doing it for the betterment of themselves and for advancing their careers as a whole. ...
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  • GUEST_dypdA3Y6P

    03-02 04:04:32

    Karabo has done her nose


    02-22 20:58:55

    They are many that you don't even know too..

  • FranceQonqwani

    03-17 20:28:20


  • MikeShongwe

    03-03 13:08:01

    This is real self hate.I have never heard,or seen a white person who ever wanted to be black.This is like saying,God made a mistake, coming up with this colour.How can a pot blames the potter?Even if you can wear a plastic,but the offspring you are going to give will bear your original coulor.This means you will hate her/him.You can't even be able to call them yours.

  • Stoya1604

    02-23 03:39:30

    Uyanda looks the most beautiful amongst these 💖

  • quincyEbube

    02-22 20:56:12

    the only person that transformed herself is the first one who bleach her skin,others did nothing

  • GUEST_EG2yAp7m4

    02-22 20:24:21

    Lies not faith


    02-24 15:38:28

    Lies not connie Ferguson

  • GUEST_r843q6z4m

    03-06 08:01:26

    Hayi Mshoza, it was penal beating nje. Her face is rearranged. May her soul rest in peace

  • Muchachos

    02-22 16:56:57

    as for mshoza was she supposed to be on the list vele🤷‍♂️

  • NabiryeSherinah

    02-22 10:17:55

    the last one looks the chucky doll " creepy"

  • NabiryeSherinah

    02-22 10:17:55

    the last one looks the chucky doll " creepy"

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