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5 SA Celebreties Who Have Committed Murder- No.2 Was Unexpected | All Comments

2021-02-23 06:23:20
Image: SA LawCelebrities are human beings just like everyone.They might be frequently not seen in public space, but we are living in the same with them. ...
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  • ThaboMojela

    02-23 14:14:28

    People make mistakes...is up to us not to juhge..peace..

  • GUEST_e4eEv49aN

    02-24 12:26:45

    yooo ai oscar was not mistake

  • GUEST_d913QrYD3

    02-23 18:37:33

    Fokof wena u always repeat a same thing everyone make a mistake stupid they didnt killed them in purpose moc nxaaaa stupid

  • GUEST_jrYlRqMy7

    02-23 16:07:49

    Mxm! You are piece killer you know. How can you compare their situation with Pistorius's. You are a soul killer you too. Count yourself in murderes

  • GUEST_Mz7347y1W

    02-27 00:07:21

    Mzamo Mkhize, I'm concerned about the quality of this article. Do u have an editor. You must be careful otherwise u'll find urself getting sued! How on earth do u class the other four celebrities with Oscar Pistorius and call them murderers? Negligent driving of a car cannot result in murder. Do you know the meaning of murder?

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