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SASSA's R 350 Grant Is Giving Tito Mboweni Headaches - 'Where Will We Find The Money?' He Asks | All Comments

2020-10-17 14:39:01
[Sources: Twitter Tito Mboweni & Business Live] Finance minister Tito Mboweni has expressed some uncertainty over the extension of the SRD grants for a further 3 months. Tito Mboweni said this extension will cost the government in the region of 6 billion r ...
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  • GUEST_LokAON7mz

    10-17 16:20:52

    You'll find it somewhere look there it's in someone's pocket they stole it


    10-17 20:17:45

    You can say that again Tito instead of implementing jobs they misused money ,ANC they need vote BC's of this 350 which is not given to anyone since it started my brother did apply but no cent receive d,say suka .

  • SunnyMrholozi

    10-18 05:29:58

    Hope he counts 3 billion extra that will vanish in the thin sky without a trace.


    10-18 04:36:32

    u cancel the money we don't vote for u idiots 😡

  • GUEST_G9jvv2qWx

    10-17 22:23:10

    So it's only the R350 which is extended?

  • VincentTiyani

    10-17 20:46:34

    you are crying of 5billion costs to morethan 3millions ppl who gets helped ...how about 500 billions to enrich YOURSELF

  • DannyGovender_02

    10-17 17:42:57

    recover the stolen funds which rightfully should go to the needy. that was the ultimate purpose for it. the government is responsible for the looting because they trusted thugs to manage it. fix your mess, Mr Minister.

  • DanRiet

    10-17 17:05:20

    some people are greedy why do they kill people who feed us they kill the economy not the white man Mandela said learn from this people malema is a fool of hatred

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