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Why Did Our Former President Wear The Same Shirt Over And Over Again During These Visits? | All Comments

2021-02-20 14:26:48
Let's find out why did this happen.After all the support our former President got from all his family, friends and his people who were there for him from day one, some people noticed this. ...
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  • Khathe

    02-22 02:36:11

    You wish

  • Nandi_Breakfast

    02-21 14:52:00

    Maybe muthi vibes

  • Harriest

    02-21 14:20:21

    the shirt is not only one. could be hundreds of them .

  • GermanyHJacobs

    02-21 08:24:47

    Most Rich People had dozens of the same. cloth,if wear one today,,you'll think it's the same tomorrow, but it's another one with the same design and color,likewise their eye glasses, some with 100 pairs,

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