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The actual pass rate is 44.4% instead of 76.2%, Western Cape is the highest not Freestate, says DA | All Comments

2021-02-23 09:14:44
DA has come and said that the pass rate has actually declined compared to previous year.Is it challenging announcement made by department.DA believes that actually pass rate is 44.1% instead of 76.2% that Angie Motshekga has made people to believe. ...
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  • Lebza_01

    02-24 06:58:25

    was Steenhuisen marking exams uyasangana lona

  • GUEST_V9Ern350W

    02-23 12:03:04

    true this angie matshwekga os hkding something

  • a1b2c3d4

    02-23 16:13:26

    jy lieg steenhuisen. o na le maka.

  • JohnsMphalo_02

    02-23 15:09:55

    Steenhuizen must tell us his own % province by province , including his own grade 12 result. bloody racist.

  • Crazyfrogggg

    02-23 12:21:40

    What is this dumb sissie up too?

  • PatrickLishivha

    02-23 13:10:39

    John Steenhuizen has no right to comment on Grade 12 results as he has yet to pass that grade.

  • FahiemaSalie_01

    02-23 20:01:31

    What is so racist to announce the real results, instead of fake results. A lot of matriculants dropped out, due to the pandemic, they lost interest, and busy having lockdown babies. Angie moetie Kom lieg nie everything here in South Africa is in its moer, now even the matric results..

  • a1b2c3d4

    02-23 15:56:11

    Brickhousen is dreaming big time

  • a1b2c3d4

    02-23 16:12:39

    brickhouse is always extreme left. Is his name on the matric list

  • GUEST_plXY6a7Le

    02-23 12:32:44

    heh steenhuisen u racist and jealous try to get your own DA party in order


    02-23 12:52:16

    how did you come up with these percentages.....


    02-24 06:56:02

    There is a huge discrepency in matric enrollment. One must compare apples withe apples. As usual the DBE does not give the real picture of what happened.

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