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"That Dog Must Be Found" Mbalula Fumes After A Man Stabbed His Wife 49 Times | All Comments

2021-02-12 15:29:25
Transport minister Fikile Mbalula took to social media to vent out his anger as he narrates that he saw a man who butchered his wife almost to death.Mbalula had no kind words whatsoever for the woman basher and he reffered to him as a "dog." ...
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  • GUEST_nbBwOoBA6

    02-12 23:32:07

    The dog must be arrested

  • GUEST_3gy9ON5jM

    02-12 21:03:18

    mbalula must stick to his venecula maybe, his and her are totally different pronouns


    02-12 19:31:50

    a chain of events lead to an explosion

  • GUEST_W2B2n8N6q

    02-13 00:18:08

    Why always if something bad happens to a woman people i standing up ,if it was a man it was going to be quiet ,do you think this man hve stabbing her for nothing

  • GUEST_kNPvdYvEn

    02-14 09:39:27


  • GUEST_OkrAjzry0

    02-13 12:01:43

    Worse part is when de dog found, is not going 2 b an obvious case, poor lady is going 2 b in court haaai, trauma on its own

  • GUEST_XkqdXz12o

    02-13 11:03:21

    If arrest kill this monster. Cause jail might bail him or live in comfort. Such man deserve no life. 49 stabbed and you still say life sentences? Indodenjani?

  • Sojas

    02-12 20:14:14

    The police must arrest this fool and send him to life imprisonment

  • couzin_01

    02-13 15:21:16

    i dont see its okay for mbaluli to show his angwr here in this by calling the man who stabbed his wife is a dog,that kind of language is not accepted

  • GUEST_0mgaq2pwp

    02-13 06:05:13


  • PetrusSeerane

    02-12 18:35:49

    all everyone we must cool down talk softly and smooth muscle respect . nothing can heppen like this . friends members is porson witches brew coffee ??

  • TienieRupping

    02-13 14:39:42

    her husband is very bad God will not alow this

  • GUEST_qE37LnBkw

    02-12 17:36:17

    Why exactly was she stabbed?

  • TienieRupping

    02-13 14:41:46

    this people must repend realy it is not exceptable

  • GUEST_o4yrq1Xv0

    02-13 10:56:03

    Lesotho is just a province Bheki Cele should go there

  • +27-83744****

    02-13 06:38:27

    yaaaa this is toomuch something need to be done

  • GUEST_zWYb0J4Jm

    02-12 21:45:13

    Wrongly captured. He saw a woman eho has been butchered not he saw a man butchering her lover. Grade 12 is not enough to follow interptetation of statutes. Govt must strenghtern distance learning (ABET) otherwise we are dead here in mzansi.


    02-13 17:38:12

    I don't care whether you agree with me this man is a dog yinja qha

  • GUEST_Vrmy0lz8g

    02-12 21:32:23

    Those attacking mr Mbalula need psychiatric help🤞. Yoll should learn to learn to read between the lines nxa

  • tsutsuroba.

    02-12 21:00:16

    jail is waiting for u bra

  • GUEST_Krw9kQWWk

    02-15 15:17:45

    This is not a man I think its devils son

  • couzin_01

    02-13 15:22:05

    he is a minister who dint respect himself what he want from social media at the first place

  • DeliweKoalepe

    02-12 17:38:08


  • JulyHlongwane

    02-12 19:24:23

    this man deserve to be jailed 49 multiple by 49 which is 2401 in jail. He dont deserve to live with human beings. he is so heartless ,

  • HarrisonKasembe

    02-12 18:32:35

    Such kind of a person must be treated as a muderer there is no different between the two?

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