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Jacob Zuma Allegedly Expose a Secret, Says Ramaphosa Bribed His Way To Presidency | All Comments

2021-02-15 19:37:41
Jacob Zuma have allegedly revealed why he will not appear before the Zondo inquiry commission. ...
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  • MorganMbuqe

    02-15 23:16:28

    he thought his ex wife would win the elections, I'm not suprised by his allegations...you should have seen his face when Ramaphosa announced as the winner 🤣

  • NamkiBapela

    02-16 05:25:48

    The is no country like South Africa in here president choses by the wards how can you bribes them it shows that electeting un educated man is dangerous. Zuma was elected because he was smiling with everybody even a passing fly.they call him he is people people without looking on his capability to rule the country. when he want his machines that times he remove Mbeki did he bribes them too.The man dont have brain he is got a childish mind

  • +27-72858****

    02-15 21:16:18

    whoever believes anything that comes out of zuma's mouth is an idiot.why then can't he go to the zondo commission and reveal all this instead of holding a sideshow?


    02-16 01:45:38

    Thats ANC for you they supported Zuma when EFF wanted to remove him even though they knew he was corrupt now they are also defending their corrupt Ramaphosa. Your Ramaphosa will also go down

  • +27-82681****

    02-16 10:34:42

    Zuma must be honest he's trying to compromise by painting others why were he quiet all along there is no permanent chair in politics he is causing more trouble fo himself by creating allegations to the judges stubbornness won't fade away your problem boss


    02-16 06:56:55

    leave Zuma alone,Botha was left alone when he refused testifying at the TRC , until he died,the man who had more blood than any one of us,Zuma didn't kill anyone,leave the man alone

  • GUEST_9pkAkbl7m

    02-16 05:11:22

    Ha hhaaaa is this what we were made to wait for so long

  • GUEST_yYBOxeyNv

    02-16 05:31:09

    Zuma has a different excuse everytime, why not face the commission and tell all. Not wait and tell the news to reporters cause he knows he is in deep trouble, we all know Ramaposa is not clean but for God sake man stop hiding behind your little army and idiotic white bearded Karl Niehause is if only he knew how he gets laughed at everytime he opens his mouth. He is sticking with Zuma because he is quilty of alot of things, white man hiding behind Zuma hoping his problems will go away.


    02-15 21:02:26

    Y always Zuma is used as so called scapegoat. Rubbish. We voted for Zuma thinking he was used as scapegoat. He proved us wrong by encouraging lawlessness. He abused the intelligence spying on people. He spend two years before establishing the commission. What was he hiding. Ramaphosa was not President that time. The judges were not bribed. Zuma is a liar. He must go a say that under oath.

  • SabataGregoryMothibeli_01

    02-17 17:33:23

    This is all a huge illusion of all time in our south african history..even E=mc^2 still hasn't come to pass. politics is a tricky game indeed.

  • YakoDlamini

    02-16 16:15:59

    Simon u ruther keep quad just because u doesn't have evidence of what are you taking about Mr president is clean know duet about that.

  • BrilliantGumbo

    02-16 11:00:30

    Where have you been Mr former president, what took you so long to spill beans while wasting state resources

  • BrilliantGumbo

    02-16 10:53:44

    I am impressed by the former president, I don't know what to think of this, is it the last kick of a dying horse or dog, why took him so long while wasting state resources, is that how he thought of escape the sword

  • PhillipMofokeng_02

    02-16 09:12:26

    Give RSA to the whites and let them rule it for the second time and ANC will start to see and learn how to rule the country in real.

  • VeronicaBothma

    02-16 07:57:05

    all filth and dark hidden lies comes out sooner or later the anc better step down the treading g on wild fires they going to disentigrate

  • GUEST_dk1OgDk3D

    02-16 07:40:50

    Zuma bribed his way put the rape rape case, bribed his out of corruption case withdrawn by Mphse,bribed his way to presidency which he didn't deserve and we kept quiet, so there's nothing wrong if indeed President Ramaphosa did.


    02-16 06:28:07

    if he is not scared why is the whole army at his house another story good luck zuma we will.see you are not a bove the law

  • MusaMsongelwa

    02-16 06:13:20

    u are just wasting your time my boy , we have u platform to express your self and raised your concern, now is time for to do what u are not scared of by going to jail

  • GUEST_QvX871pp2

    02-16 05:23:25

    a court order us abt Mr Zuma to appear bfore the commission qha, 30pieces of silver, haimarn don't be stupid.....its irrelevant. must wait for another sitting in order to bring in such evidence, what's wrong with you

  • MnobbiSelotole

    02-16 18:44:04

    waiting for heart attack so case close?

  • GUEST_JmPkoQRdn

    02-16 09:36:26

    RAMAPHOSA he didn't bribed anyone we did vote for him..I'm the one who also vote for him

  • GUEST_x4GMbR8Ae

    02-16 07:14:44

    This is the last kick of a dying horse. Why do Zuma reveal it now because we knew that he also raised funds for his ex wife to run for the president of ANC. This old man is full of drama. Let him come out with all the bag of lies but lies do not last. How many times was he reprimanded of telling lies.

  • GUEST_lZq0W02B7

    02-16 07:05:02

    He is still bitter that they lost at Nasrec

  • JohnNkhumeleni

    02-16 06:58:17

    Allegations without evidence is nonsense ,you must face the music my brother. Ramaphosa did not work with the Guptas.You are not above the law

  • GUEST_R65WX7jql

    02-16 06:55:23

    Seems to me it's tital tail time oh really grow up , just because you can't get your way now you trying to make others get into trouble really if you believe Zuma shame on you he lies worse than a liar.

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