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Owner of Afrotainment record label leaves his fans speechless with recent pictures in his car. | All Comments

2021-02-16 19:41:57
One needs to spoil themselves every now and then.It's not healthy for anyone to work hard and not reap the fruits of their labour.The lockdown has affected many people but for they are lucky to be standing and not affected in anyway. ...
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    02-20 05:40:33

    Good job malume

  • GUEST_kBGaEwwGn

    02-19 20:24:14

    you are a warrior man i love you i wish you an infinite success good lucky

  • MandlaMbatha_01

    02-17 14:38:05

    All the best Dj Tira

  • TingTong1105

    02-19 11:03:50

    Power to a Black entrepreneur no tenders were involved during his rise.

  • GUEST_d1gPWNxYq

    02-24 09:41:58

    Hard work pays bro.good luck Tira.

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