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It Ended In Tears, As Men Fight On First Day Of Alcohol Sales | All Comments

2021-02-02 16:08:35
President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday, surprised South Africans by announcing the lifting of the alcohol ban which sends many into frenzy. Alcohol sale is now allowed in licensed outlets for off-site consumption from Monday to Thursday, from 10am to 6pm. Sal ...
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    02-03 03:43:11

    It is a old video.Stop posting old video's.

  • MussaJames_05

    02-02 19:48:13

    the first time I saw this video is 2month back


    02-02 20:43:21

    old clip that whats really happening with Opera News

  • blaco4ever

    02-03 17:30:26

    old news beach

  • GUEST_RlpZRvV6d

    02-03 15:29:14

    old news

  • GUEST_mN3Dam1kz

    02-03 12:25:15

    D KAKGATE Make is bad for other people


    02-03 06:28:09

    I say ? ban alcohol outright and completely without any consideration for anyone.

  • GUEST_pG9O87mgy

    02-02 18:53:07

    They should be put to jail plus they don't even have their masks on!.... The are ruining business for alcohol traders!


    02-02 18:34:02

    This is so stupid


    02-02 18:30:55

    They must be arrested these Basterds

  • GUEST_lz33xAWVM

    02-02 17:58:19


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