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Zuma's Benefits: It Was Revealed That There Is Evidence That Has Built Up And This Was Found! | All Comments

2021-02-15 11:02:19
As it has been for some time now, there are questions that are unanswered and the only man who was expected to bring clarity on certain events did not show up at the State Capture Commission. ...
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  • +968-7900****

    02-15 13:28:15

    no one is above the law, this it's only suits the poor, politician are above the law you can say whatever we want. there's is hundreds innocent people incarcerated while the big fish is outside


    02-15 13:02:14

    thieves support each other

  • PedroDeFreitas

    02-15 12:14:04

    Don't waste tax payers's money.! Throw him in jail and throw the keys away.

  • GUEST_4zEJadapx

    02-15 15:40:28

    He thinks he's smart, arrest him and throw the keys away... that way even his supporters will have an egg on their faces, believe you me, they'll be as quite as a grave. Even his sons will be nowhere to be found. As for Carl Niehaus the less said about him the better. He's just trying to buy the black support, idiot. He'll hibernate, period !!!

  • +27-73275****

    02-15 13:05:43

    can you please leave Pres J Zuma alone is son of God


    02-15 13:35:19

    Zuma must go 2 jail finished nd klaar

  • GUEST_rpWw1AmGm

    02-15 12:51:09

    Arrest Zuma for snubbing Zondo commission.

  • EricJones_03

    02-15 14:48:59

    The law is the law. The highest court in the land, the constititional court, has stipulated that Zuma must appear before the commission. If he does not do so, how can people expect anyone to appear at court when summoned? If he is not arrested, no matter what the vets say, this country can no longer boast about how good the constitution is!

  • VeronicaBothma

    02-15 16:16:26

    lock him up and throw the key away if he can get away with this our justice system is not worth the paper it's written on

  • D'zoohD'zooh

    02-15 12:11:21

    We are a constitutional democracy, and we have confidence that the judicial system has the ability to handle the Zuma issue without any political interference.

  • GUEST_wm6V3rvzL

    02-15 14:08:08

    Zuma is behaving like a dog that has rabies. It attacks it's owner, the vet and everything that moves!


    02-15 15:25:15

    Get him arrested n no bail granted cos he's flight risk. All his benefits as former President forfeited n left to be an ordinary citizen. All assets confiscated to recover all taxpayers money stolen dur6his tenure as President. Once in jail he must be given slow dying injections cos he's threat to our hard earned democracy. His body be recremated n given to wild dogs to feed on.

  • JimmytazzmMonyai

    02-15 14:09:46

    when Mr zuma form this commission he didn't form it to exclude him and question certain individual there is number of people who appeared in the zondo commission why not Zuma what is it so special about him he is not the only person who have rights in south Africa because he was former President of south Africa why mkmva didn't give that support to those who appeared before the zondo commission people must not be threatened by what Zuma said nothing is gonna happen, a war is not pap and vleis south Africa have strong forces than MKMVA the number of mkhonto wesizwe soldiers is less than ten thousand Zuma must appear in zondo commission and the ANC must not hide criminals under the name of the organization this is the organization which has been voted by people to enjoy the freedom of defeating the apartheid government we did vote for ANC for Zuma to live luxury life

  • FortunateMaseko

    02-15 14:12:11

    mr zuma the mafia

  • +27-82681****

    02-15 14:37:45

    every person who went to the commission Zuma's name were mentioned. ANC leader think for the country your not the only one who voted be fair and be firm in the constitution he is the one placed zondo and sign for the rules now he as an individual he defies it come on guys

  • GUEST_qbeEO9e5K

    02-15 13:53:22

    Zuma will not appear in front of a circus

  • GUEST_Dx0Qvakby

    02-15 13:46:15

    Just leave him alone. We don't need any confrontation. Let the Top 6 deal with the matter.

  • WillemvanWyk_01

    02-16 23:37:11

    lock hom up with all the ather clowns they all belong in gail a bunch of thieves

  • +27-79518****

    02-16 06:09:04

    he can't be allowed to be in defiance of one part of the constitution and benefit from the other, he enjoy benefits of being former State President, on the other hand defies the law as set out in the same constitution

  • GUEST_z9wdRBvL1

    02-15 17:01:42

    who ever has a court case need not go our x president made it clear law does not matter in south Africa


    02-15 16:17:12


  • fanty

    02-17 02:50:07

    Mandela spoilt this fool

  • Sezz

    02-16 11:54:24

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  • GUEST_e0bor6058

    02-15 19:59:02

    Tired of this ANC crooks. Wish if all people can vote for new party.Even the whites is ok.

  • SteveMtshweni

    02-15 18:19:40

    Let there be Justice for all, if he sink then let it be

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