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I want to quit going to church since no one can explain to me this bible verse | All Comments

2021-02-28 05:24:00
I want to quit going to church since no one can explain to me this bible verse. ...
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    02-28 11:09:51

    my brother,in the Bible only men were always mentioned.do you know that Cain was a twins with female and Abel was also a twins with female.cain married his twin sister while Seth married Abel twins sister.gen 4:1_2 read it you will know Cain and Abel were not born on the same day.the first set of people always gave birth to male and female twins.GOD created cities for humans then,he only put them in a garden so they can always stay in his presence but as they sinned he chased them out of his presence

  • GUEST_MaDlnXNja

    02-28 11:53:23

    Don't quit going to church and don't make it someone's responsibility to help you understand the Word of God, it rests entirely on you to understand what the Bible says through the help of the Holy Spirit. Look at Genesis 1:27 you will see that people were created male and female.

  • GUEST_awOrmnedr

    03-01 15:24:58

    Tell me anywhere in the bible that a female child is recorded. Adam and Eve had daughters also. So Cain married his sister. The bible doesn't contradict itself you just need revelation then you will have faith. That's all you need unbelievers.

  • LungileDeKlerk

    03-06 14:19:48

    Things if God are spiritually decerned ie only spiritual people can understand spiritual things .....The Historical side of the Bible doesn't build any person but just history .So whether you know that verse or not..it takes you nowhere ...God is a spirit ,just seek the spiritual part in the Bible..and only seek His righteousness and all other information will be added into you.

  • UgwuanyiIgnatius

    02-28 11:33:16

    thanks for your questions. first understand that ADAM means mankind.(not necessarily one person),second, Bible is an inspirational book, useful for teaching, correcting error and training in Christian Life. it is not a science book that looks for proof.the foolishness of God is better than the wisdom of men. worship God in the spirit for HE is spirit. don't indulge in questions whose answer is not a way to heaven. thanks may God bless you.

  • GUEST_9x5nWl0EO

    02-28 10:58:20

    They married their sisters, for by then the laws on intermarriages on Leviticus 18 was not yet promulgated and they have been instructed by God to multiply and fill the earth.

  • GUEST_xwNemqWa9

    02-28 10:18:26

    Out of the many people who were living, God only chose Adam and eve to his first people of his. And isolated them to the then people....... So when we read the Bible look like were the only people bt in my opinion was only people to be in the Bible and and us to read obout them..

  • Fabricious

    02-28 11:58:02

    I want a chrixn to tell me where in the bible is it, that jesus said follow me, I am God??


    03-01 14:18:07

    Adam and eve were not the only people on earth they were the only ones living in the garden of eden.

  • MathewoObute

    02-28 11:36:43

    please stop that is your problem leave this verse and believe in God's word among other verses

  • IsaacMurerwa

    02-28 11:24:36

    you should read the entire chapter even the sons and daughters that Adam had and remember the bible says Eve was the mother of all living so Cain married on off spring from Eve

  • 1971ZA

    02-28 16:59:46

    No dear, here they are just telling us about the first people on earth that they are Adam and Eve, and talking about Cain and Abel only, they are not talking about other kids, it might happened that they got upto 12 kids or even 20 and they are not staying with them, they moved to other places

  • GUEST_5gpr97EMQ

    02-28 14:33:21

    does it really matter who Cain married

  • GUEST_368Dm6AnJ

    03-02 04:14:17

    according to my knowledge there were no laws until Moses,meaning you could marry your blood sister anytime.


    03-01 18:15:34

    There was expansion of population and there were cousins who are able to marry each other according to the Bible...The Bible is a very complicated Book but when you read Genesis as a whole you could figure how did this all happen

  • GUEST_xwxzvERrP

    02-28 14:35:42

    Christianity is soft politics,

  • +234-802326****

    02-28 13:07:08

    Open your mind and read the parshahs and midrashes. The Torah and Bible is a Jewish phenomenon and only in it you can understand it. It is not all branches of a tree are captured in the genealogy of a tree in some cases in the Torah.

  • +254-72259****

    02-28 13:00:01

    Thanks Maggiez

  • desmondkimutai

    02-28 10:38:02

    Expound your mind my friend. Not all persons were mentioned in the bible, Those mentioned are of significant importance

  • GUEST_QeK51kGvq

    03-01 04:42:55

    There's so many letters being omitted from the bible just ask yourself why?only the Vatican can explain that.

  • AndrewModika

    03-01 07:55:38

    pray for your life don't be frustrated

  • GUEST_47G2GE4o2

    02-28 18:35:54

    Don't make silly ideas about your unbelief, the Bible is so big & thick that you don't have to capitalism on your failure to read and understand God. Read the whole Bible twice or thrice then you will understand it better...


    03-03 06:06:44

    Hmm good one adam and Eve were the 1 bud not the only one's a lot of boocks was not combined in the BIBEL..that explains a lot we still dont knou. The lost book's of the bibel you can down loud that in you play stor its scearry

  • MbhekeniShongwe

    03-01 09:31:46

    isonto it business awazi the make money like nobody business amangamanga

  • GUEST_39zvj5dn4

    02-28 17:50:23

    Because you have that knowledge of bible,let me ask you a simple relevant question to your misunderstanding,how old was Cain when he knew his wife? Supposed he knew his wife when he was 200years, don't you think that at such time there could have daughters of Adam born during those years?Do not go with this vault chorus which says Adam had a wife before Eve.That is Satanic thinking.People will even tell you that Jesus had a wife, how insane does the people became.

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