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IN PICS|Mbuyiseni Mdlozi Exposes The ANC And Drops A Bombshell That Has Sh0cked Mzansi | All Comments

2021-04-07 10:28:51
Source: https://twitter.com/MbuyiseniNdlozi/status/1379725099079712771?s=19A lot of comrades especially those that have departed either have roads named after them or have statues.They are placed on a high pedestal in the public's eye, adored and loved. ...
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    04-07 11:52:34

    Those Comrades didn't do nothing for the people except for looking after their families and friends

  • FlavioLopes

    04-07 14:12:49

    well at least someone telling the truth 👍👊

  • TshadiPoole

    04-07 12:04:47

    easy said than done, u are an MP take that topic to parliament for discussion, don't wait when they celebrate, u are too negative and boring as if u are doing something for ur supporters

  • OlgaBabane

    04-07 18:58:57

    I think ndlozi must stop misleading South Africans,,,Property's for those icons belongs to the family not to ANC,,which is an organization,,so don't mislead people,,play your cards clean .. if an organization took money for its organization and do renovations the EFF will be the first to blow the whistle so please stop right there and let the family take care of their legacy

  • GUEST_LxGwMO1y1

    04-08 17:45:35

    TshadiPooole andOlgaBabane , sies , you are a shame to your parents, Let me tell you that I have two daughters , one has a university degree and the other is her second year at the university , thanks to the EFF through Fees Must Fall , I am not paying a cent , as a member of the EFF, I am proud , Those houses belonged to the struggle icons not criminals , what I know is that the money that was supposed to fix those houses, it's stolen , if they can steal from MANDELA's funeral , COVID 19 ?

  • ZongezileMonone

    04-07 12:39:08

    im scared ke swabile net so😞


    04-07 11:58:00

    ANC is doing nothing for the people of SA a useless ogarnisation that need to be voted out right now they are fighting among themselves for the money stolen from the poor

  • PlatinahMooketsi

    04-07 16:13:09

    all i need to know is the Icon when they were alive where do they stay becaysd i know for a fact those are the houses yhey used to be thiers before 1994. Mandela was not staying in that house as the safety will not allow for the President of the state to stay there. Ndlosi was a youth leawue at the time why did he not speak to that matter?

  • GUEST_aynPoG1Gw

    04-08 05:47:23

    This is clever politics playing to the masses what about looting by EFF member VBS 🤔

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