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SUPRISING! Zuma says he can judge the Judges himself, See this? | All Comments

2021-02-22 18:04:24
Source: TimesLivePrevious president Jacob Zuma targeted passes judgment on this week. ...
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  • GUEST_57VZY0bQe

    02-23 00:12:34

    No difference between you and Jocab Zuma. The way you think or thoughts, you yourselves speak exactly like people who having grade 5

  • LesibaThubakgale_01

    02-23 18:13:19

    Go to the commission former president Jacob Zuma talking negative things always it can't you we supported in 2007 thinking former president Thabo Mbeki his playing wrongful about you I remember the time you want our support you said if a person kills person that person is not a suspect is a killer

  • GUEST_rvyYReaME

    02-22 19:43:52

    A judge without matric? shame


    02-23 03:07:07

    Madness law is law.

  • GUEST_wm6V3rvzL

    02-22 21:24:36

    I'm telling you some of these articles are written by aliens!

  • JayRamdas

    02-22 19:12:41

    He finished grade 5 so how do u figure.. Get this guy a strait jacket n an orange jacket n forget him in sun city 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

  • GUEST_RE5RpR19p

    02-22 21:28:31

    He uses too much dagga this old chap

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