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Still Remember the twins who shared a husband, let's see how teary it ended for them | All Comments

2021-02-06 12:51:00
Owami and Olwethu left people speechless and amazed when they married one husband.These identical twins are said to being used to sharing everything. ...
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  • AdemolaAdewuyi

    02-06 21:23:50

    It is up to them let's them do their wish


    02-23 16:35:24

    How on earth do you marry for a gain.. you got what you deserved


    02-06 17:25:02

    Marriage is not man's idea...it is God's idea, and therefore must be done His way. If God's principles are not followed, God's result will not be achieved. Simple.

  • KabiruMusa_35

    02-07 12:41:19

    but him Don chop them finish, why Dem go leave am?

  • GUEST_O3e0XyjGG

    02-07 06:28:55

    This story has expired already and might be 3or 5yrs old

  • GUEST_l4eae06Mq

    02-24 13:28:48

    thi is the ryt thing you have a lucky boy

  • GUEST_l4eae06Mq

    02-24 13:29:57

    I Wichit that was me

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