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Ekurhuleni Mayor Drops A Bombshell On Foreign Nationals Living In Kempton Park | All Comments

2021-04-07 18:43:10
South africa has a immigration problem,huge number of foreign nationals are living south african major cities and run businesses there,Johannesburg central,Hillbrow and Sunnyside in Pretoria are few examples of the cities which have many foreigners living ...
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  • GUEST_xajozlL2N

    04-08 08:29:56

    Don't forget that there are also South Africans who are living in other countries. Secondly don't forget what happened to the South African businesses in Nigeria when people of South Africa were looting and destroying the businesses of foreigners. I am a South African, and I my brother and sister who are working in another countries

  • GUEST_3jVqwMYdV

    04-07 20:47:24

    Why all this silence from our politicians, How many more times do we need to repeat ourselves, all foreigners must leave our country as a matter of urgency before matters escalate to uncontrollable proportions, their silence is proof enough that the ANC was captured and this issue should have been made part of the Zonda commission of enquiry into state capture, as South Africans we are still waiting for answers from our government but these ANC guys remain mum about this matter

  • GUEST_yDe4kGJ3o

    04-07 20:46:41

    They steal cars and cross limpopo--u are xenophobic - -they kill innocent children and mom--u xenophobic.---they are selling drugs to future generation - - u xenophobic., sa workers are replace with cheap labourers u xenophobic

  • TobhoNgomela

    04-09 06:17:40

    SAns are not honest that's the problem, Herman Mashaba said this long time ago and he was labelled xenophobic now that is said by someone from ANC he is a hero . how many times poor SAns complaining about the same nonsense?

  • GUEST_yDe4kGJ3o

    04-07 20:53:47

    I'm 55 prior 1994 I didn't know a drug. My only 2boys are on drugsThis is what we fought for and many more sa families.

  • FreshMashapha

    04-08 11:24:32

    thank mzwa I'm encourage when someone on top decided to intervene go on we will support u in full please!!! don't take any tjotjo from anyone to stop what u have started please save our country,you aren't the first leader to see this, but because our leaders they chose money than the country here we r drowning 👏👏👏

  • PearlMahlangu

    04-08 08:47:39

    it's a good thing that you talk about that issue but what took you so long and I pray that something will be done not only talks but action we need urgent solution ASAP. If there is no solution someone will say the same thing about foreigners in 5 years from now. ACTION ACTION ACTION/ SOLUTION SOLUTION SOLUTION

  • SiyandaMadlala

    04-08 22:50:19

    Herman Mashaba tried to fight this ,ANC and Humans Right fought him back. Whose human rights are important in South African ,ours or Foreigners. We should be asking the ANC Why are they keep on inviting Foreigners in South Africa Mozambiquens are coming in numbers next week.


    04-08 08:59:28

    Atleast now it's coming out hope it doesn't get swept under the carpet because even bheki cele is afraid of Nigerian drug lords.let protect the future of our kid's let clean our country because we don't have a president or someone we can rely on to help us

  • GivenMakhubele_01

    04-07 22:03:31

    people beware of these crooks they stole away all the money now the economy is no longer growing they shift the blame to other useless stuff. when they took over from Mr Mbeki everything ws mthebelele Rand ws performing 5,6to 7 now its 14 to 15. Africa won't be a developed country under these circumstances. corruption is the major cause of job looses poor economic performances. the present President is doing his best bt surrounded by selfish an greedy.

  • GUEST_AqZK2pazM

    04-07 20:42:16

    nxim elections are around the corner they'll throw every lie they think will make SAns happy after that nothing happens. bloody liars nx

  • GUEST_7GMAly0j7

    04-08 11:32:00

    The votes are closer now they try to sing the song that sing by the public

  • JapieCastelyn

    04-08 09:33:48

    Why complaining CIC of the Coca-cola overalls said there must be no borders Africa belongs to all???🤣

  • proudlyparktonian

    04-08 15:56:19

    elections around the corner I don't trust anc politicians,they only care about votes

  • GUEST_N63mWP3Xq

    04-07 21:35:53

    Our leaders are busy with looting, they don't care of what is going on in this country. Our country is captured by foreigners in front of our eyes and the government is quiet. The foreigners are selling drugs to our kids and the government is fully aware of that, but is doing nothing bcoz their children are not affected.

  • R.Shaik

    04-08 04:10:46

    They have taken over all the cities in South Africa

  • JackZavale

    04-08 14:32:38

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Foreigners foreigners foreigners a good advice on all of you who commented here is that ::you are not a foreigner why don't any one of you becomes the president of South Africa and deal with them your own way? Or even tell that Meyer of yours to upgrade and becomes a president and see if he can get rid of the foreigners. There's nothing you will do you can't deport someone to African countries imagine deporting Africa in Africa. The drugs and the crimes some of you that have mentioned, yes but I am pretty sure it's not foreigners that are doing it alone south Africans also and it's the police jobs to deal with it. And that guy of 55 years with 2 boys on drugs take them to rehab stop complaining and try to fix your life's yoooh


    04-07 20:45:49

    our government doesn't care about this country cItizens foreign national are their priority former President of Zimbabwe once talk openly in the national TV that Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans .here when you said that people says you are xenophobic. AFrican must waive up the country is gone nothing .bana ba rona ba tla kgwela mabitla a rona mathe lefatshe le ile ka go sa nne nnete ga rona le go sireletsa lefatshe fa 're tlisa we blame whites unroll when after so many years still blaming the past 're fetogile sekolo sa letswai

  • GUEST_lXLvOn7Yq

    04-07 21:28:16

    But with my own little experience,before the arrival of Nigerians in south Africa...In early 90S(There was a several cases of drugs traffickers)nd locals was aiding the foriegn national interms of the deals...We can fight for drugs dealers,but we can't stopped them..Cus even in America,(CIA,FBI)they helps Mexican mafias to cross border with drugs...

  • WandaToni

    04-09 13:26:00

    These foreigners must go back to their countries finish and kraal and South Africans let's push these foreigner's out of the country

  • Awuse

    04-08 09:49:35

    kindly remove asap Memory Machingambi a Zimbabwean holding a high position at SA treasury. how can you be so careless minister to even allow the budget of our country under a Zimbabwean when our children are not working

  • Vicngwato

    04-08 02:26:26

    when say something idiot malema say this is Africa

  • JobMosetlhe_02

    04-07 22:10:53

    We're are support him because the Minister of Police Cele and his officer's are friends with them, Cele is busy with people who are making ends meet for their families and his officer's are being treated shameless by foreigners knowing that Cele is cool with them" cool drink" is working for wrong doings. What is Cele's duty as Minister of Police, friendly with CYRIL RAMAPHOSA, all this Places and CBD Town's are owned by foreigners that is why Eskimo has raised rentals and being paid to foreigners and the ruling Party knows it as their friends. We want change in government, Cyril Ramaphosa has warden things because has done nothing for the people of Mzansi

  • GUEST_aAL37lOZq

    04-07 20:20:13

    aoooo why now are you telling me that all the time he didn't know about this even a grade one child knows about this


    04-08 21:18:02

    politicians are being paid and bribed by foreigners.They don't want to pay anymore so you expose them.We don't care anymore.We are waiting and watching patiently until they drive us away from our country.

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