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Makhadzi might be pregnant(photos) | All Comments

2021-02-12 10:32:47
Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona who's knows by her stage name Makhadzi might be pregnant.Ever since Makhadzi met her new boyfriend lots of things have changed on her.Her face is glowing too much and her body have also change. ...
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  • GUEST_Wv214DDnE

    02-12 14:41:06

    Is she not allowed to be pregnant


    02-12 18:39:25

    So o kena kae wena if shes pregnant hai suka marn

  • GUEST_jo0gl1m5K

    02-12 15:00:12

    arali anayo thumbu yahone zwikhouni kwama khani ngauri asiya munna wanu mxmm notou balelwa zwau ṅwala naa

  • +27-81407****

    02-13 18:42:28

    this is unbelievable writer you're disgusting


    02-12 22:17:12

    And mr or mrs writer are you so serious getting inside some peoples bedroom im shook


    02-13 07:17:55

    makhadzi she's a woman, she have a right to be pregnant, mind ure own business


    02-13 05:35:24

    She's hot lo mfazi

  • +27-07320SA

    02-12 16:10:12

    she's a woman bathong, is it a crime to be pregnant, leave makhadzi alone phuuuuuliiizzzzz

  • M0SES

    02-12 21:45:02

    Dnt make use wrong comment u a the one who meet with her face 2 face so uhv to tell us about arragation

  • GUEST_1y2z3EnWx

    02-12 21:35:43

    Vele shebang taba tsa lona hase mohlolo banna

  • KayRich

    02-12 14:51:47

    lol no 😂

  • LungaNozigqwaba

    02-12 18:34:24

    So what??

  • MkhaliphiCandy

    02-14 09:52:14

    If she's pregnant so what?? Did she asked u 2 buy pampers for her, it's her body after all nd her choice 2 have a baby if she's pregnant congratulations mughal

  • GUEST_Gzwj3N9Pb

    02-13 23:06:18

    Heendaa, don't U have babies. No sense

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