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I’m pregnant but my boyfriend he doesn’t know that my boss at work might be the baby’s father. | All Comments

2021-02-18 05:57:31
I’m 30 and I live with my boyfriend, who is 35.I was delighted when I got a new job in a big computer store six months ago.I’ve always been a bit of a geek and I love all the new technology. ...
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  • disastrousness

    02-18 18:52:06

    Merry a person of your standard and leave the poor guy alone

  • SunnyboyAsap

    02-18 14:47:48

    Better take a first bomp, carze the second one is dangeourous.

  • GUEST_qLXjlPyoK

    02-18 09:44:45

    mese kuthiwa amadoda Aya hlukumeza sibe sihlukunyezwa abesifazane ngalamasimba eniwenzayo

  • HendrickSentshabeng_02

    02-18 17:38:00

    Because you are a witch siiiiss maaaan.

  • GUEST_YowwxRRoX

    02-18 09:12:10

    He must kill you,

  • LvSecLvSec

    02-19 16:08:29

    kwanzima lokho

  • GUEST_0RmM6MJ4m

    02-18 09:05:06

    Guys please you are advertising unfaithfulness on the media. Some people think this is nice or normal. Stop advertising bad thing because are very easy to be done than the good thinks regardless of the age of a person.

  • GUEST_vY75aynoV

    02-18 22:04:23

    U are useless babygirl, at work they call you a bitch and you don't know that

  • BrightonChihwande

    02-18 18:48:23

    Where's this boy friend of yours while you are publishing this nonsense do you just want to hear what people think or

  • GUEST_6r6xxM6Qe

    02-18 16:25:41

    So what must we do deal with your own shit

  • GUEST_9W8Pkl2lG

    02-18 13:33:12

    you should hang yourself...you are a fucken disgrace to women kind .....

  • GUEST_0R6AoNjbq

    02-18 11:45:27


  • [email protected]

    02-18 09:26:52

    STUPIDS women driven by parties and FUCK without safety. You are what we call a stupid bitch.


    02-18 07:47:18

    tell him the truth

  • MelusiSibanda_02

    02-18 07:40:22

    Tell him the truth

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