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I’m pregnant but my boyfriend he doesn’t know that my boss at work might be the baby’s father. | All Comments

2021-02-18 05:57:31
I’m 30 and I live with my boyfriend, who is 35.I was delighted when I got a new job in a big computer store six months ago.I’ve always been a bit of a geek and I love all the new technology. ...
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  • GUEST_YowwxRRoX

    02-18 09:11:18

    I wish he kill you,

  • MacdonaldMudau

    02-18 12:52:50

    yre wicked and you dont feel shamed about doing such shameless things....u even take it to social media bcoz yre proud of what u do...dont leave the Job....continue with yre boss and leave the poor guy


    02-18 13:14:26

    ngase usweleke xa uzala hlukumeza indoda yakho nomfazi walandoda tyhini

  • GUEST_nbP5QgW33

    02-18 12:20:10

    Self respect counts a lot because that is what God wants from us.


    02-18 08:54:03

    Sheating it's not a mistake, you knew what you were doing, you don't respect your boyfriend including your self...you are evil.

  • Sleekvision

    02-18 07:52:40

    i don't know why men keep doing this , if your woman starts misbehaving kick her out the next morning

  • LeboPhemelo

    02-18 12:39:00

    hi.dear I'll take over about the child am one of millions in South Africa

  • CeliweMaphoyi

    02-19 15:25:04

    No don't tell him incase the is his. Moreover even him. Cheat at times without u knowing.

  • LuckyRathogwa

    02-18 14:43:05

    yaa.just like that.no crime committed.how about if crime can be committed.will this if couse woman abuse. on the side of it it's morally wrong


    02-18 11:25:17

    Unesbindi ntombizana i just wish bakubulale

  • GUEST_wm6V3rvzL

    02-18 11:15:04

    Sefefe. . . sies!

  • MashikeKlaas

    02-19 07:56:58

    nothing wrong girl, U are what u do.

  • GUEST_Mm87O2pKN

    02-18 13:46:37

    ghost woman go die before you deliver

  • GUEST_N9ZwXmpQ3

    02-18 09:37:46


  • RonaldKhosa

    02-18 09:23:37

    Go give the boss this 🍎 and don't forget that this 🔪 is coming your way,

  • MakindeDotun

    02-18 08:33:57

    Another Moyo Thomas Loading.................

  • +27-82442****

    02-18 08:21:27

    Young lady, abort this baby, it is going to bring you untold miseries going forward

  • AbamTamuno

    02-18 08:06:12

    u dey plan to kill ur boy friend now u no see am, God no go gree

  • BhekiZikalala

    02-18 08:06:57

    Do what u do best flirt with him and tell him that u are a cheater

  • GUEST_p1OZwrk9L

    02-18 20:50:26

    ur stupid that's why man killing ladies, don't ly tell him the truth


    02-18 13:48:29

    He knows now if that's your picture, what are you going to do now. You play games with us.

  • AlbertSendaSenda

    02-18 11:05:25


  • GUEST_kZVdg7qMV

    02-18 10:21:32

    Death is a woman

  • GUEST_xqKB13NaY

    02-18 09:34:46

    U re very stupid by publishing this story a u not ashamed of urself

  • GUEST_p1OZwrk9L

    02-18 20:52:19

    Hang yourself

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