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‘I Will Confess Everything’. Magashule Send Strong Message To Ramaphosa As He Appears Before Panel | All Comments

2021-02-19 16:39:21
Magashule says he is prepared to demonstrate his innocence in court ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule showed up under the steady gaze of the Bloemfontein Magistrate's Court prior on Friday. ...
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  • PearlBila

    02-19 20:02:50

    noncense boy ure same lyk ur former zuma we can nt keep on suporting thives we are poor bcauze of you stupid and dat dem duduzane living gud lyf in dubai we can nt be fooled 4ever by you guys sis mann

  • GUEST_Qwj9QxDwp

    02-20 09:38:07

    Dear Opera.. You cannot be so desperate for news thats you allow anyone to write in poor English

  • GUEST_659mM4Pj2

    02-20 14:29:08

    Gangster State of Jscob Zuma and Ace Magashule RET Faction. They all hbristic looters and rotten to the blood cells. Poisonous and ruinous RET hellbent to destroy South Africa.

  • +27-72858****

    02-20 23:05:20

    that's why you're in the dock in the first place,idiot!you must come clean and ket the law take its course even if you've to throw others under the bus to try and save your worthless skin. and oh,while we 're at it,why is it too hard to step aside while the court cases go on?


    02-20 09:01:51

    The English language that is written here is really nauseating. One is always confronted by this irritating language every time you open Opera News. Most of us improve our English from articles written by reputable journalists but not from these half-cooked journalists idiots. Opera, don't insult our intelligence. There are students who want to persue journalism as a career and now given to this unsanitised English you allow in your publication, what image are you trying to portray?

  • SylviaCook

    02-19 22:36:19

    This editorial is badly written!

  • GUEST_MmpMEg3b1

    02-19 20:59:06

    Dogs r exposing each ada mxxxm

  • PanAfrikanDisciple

    02-20 06:39:59

    Stolen money make this idiots bo-Magashule, Myeni, Zuma, just to name few, to be stupid, useless bosses of South Africa. Yes we might no have power to deal with them now but we put our trust on DEATH to help us dealing with them once and for all. When they are dead, their names will be listed on books of stupid leaders who destroy countries.

  • GUEST_b4ob0vnzM

    02-20 12:08:32

    What is it with Zuma clan this unity works against the president yibo abaphete

  • GUEST_21DAnrMdj

    02-20 11:04:59

    We r leaving in poverty because of ZumA Gopters shabir Shaikh. Ace MaGAshule I don't understand yý is Mkhonto wesizwe is supporting corruption. In our country Anc they're corrupting and confusing the nation. I think is time we don't vote for corrupt people's

  • NamkiBapela

    02-20 05:17:03

    ANC and EFF their time is over we had enogh to rule by the bunch of sisi.magashule all off you should have been put to the firing squad

  • GUEST_6wM7nwo7R

    02-20 03:56:31


  • GUEST_rXVO1Kzme

    02-19 22:34:53

    But why Ace,Zuma,Pule,Mabuza,NDZ ,Dudu Myeni ,Badakiwe Dlamini were appointed/elected into powerfull offices in the first place?Did the ANC ran out of leaders?

  • GUEST_q3ljDdQBm

    02-19 21:18:39

    Barking dogs Zuma n ace I will reveal always I will reveal voetsek

  • JohnJerry_14

    02-19 20:06:10

    we want your confession boss we waiting

  • NestydocNdivhuwo

    02-20 07:09:58

    So wena the Author u choose to tell us that he is telling Ramaphosa, there's no where i heard he mentioned the name of Ramaphosa.

  • MusaMsongelwa

    02-20 06:13:55

    we don't care my boy now is u and court , where I'd money u will go down tlmaking noise with those friends of your which are also corrupt


    02-20 05:03:47

    As long as what he confesses is truth. And does he confess now?

  • GUEST_6A6BGdYkq

    02-20 04:43:39

    Ace uyabheta he is corrupt

  • GUEST_v5M1WXak2

    02-19 20:41:40

    Confess everything...we want to hear

  • +27-068118****

    02-19 20:40:52

    This shows very well that ace and Zuma they are against president now they their aim is to make as if the president have sent all this people who have been given evidence about them the president know's about them and tell them to go and speak about them why can't they go to zondo commission and say this people who are sharing all this they lying instead they want to put the blame to the president if the president has got scandals he wouldn't mind to come forward unlike this two stupid idiot who wants attention to the whole country

  • MoroaseremePhilemon

    02-19 19:53:44

    magashule prepared to lies in court,NPAhas full evidence against him

  • GUEST_MmpMEg3b1

    02-19 20:59:06

    Dogs r exposing each ada mxxxm


    02-22 19:04:10

    Ace Magashule confess everything or reveal everything, no one stops you. Even Zuma say so, the citizens of South Africa are still waiting for your revelation but nothing. Estina dairy is waiting for you, don't mix your frustration and politics. Ramaphosa is a man of integrity, people were crying that Ramaphosa is slow to act, now he is acting


    02-20 16:02:40

    it's a pity that some comrades are crying victims of circumstances and they want us to believe that their shaninigans , they will never come forward and tell us how they have looted the resources of this country.they play innocent, as long as there's so much corruption , forget about starvation and hunger that's facing millions of people of this country.

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