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Man found out he raised kids that are not his. He killed his wife, kids and himself | All Comments

2021-02-04 04:56:39
This person has shot himself the previous evening in Vanderbijlpark in Vaal,it is asserted he initially shot his significant other and kids and afterward headed to a spot called Slap Chips where he knock and harmed a few vehicles. He discharged shots aimle ...
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  • Motho

    02-04 13:59:13

    Y u kill people tht are not urs

  • Noko1964

    02-04 16:03:08

    Confusion keeps going on,causing so many hearts to wrong.

  • Motho

    02-04 14:00:10

    Stupid man

  • Motho

    02-04 13:58:50

    He go stryt to hell

  • MikeMuzanarwo

    02-04 22:31:09

    man of the moment, you are the best

  • Motho

    02-04 13:59:59

    U should have told thm to go than killing thm

  • Motho

    02-04 13:59:25

    Shame on u man


    02-04 06:39:59

    poor grammar..


    02-04 14:22:34

    i blame his wife

  • Motho

    02-04 14:00:29

    U have no shame

  • Motho

    02-04 13:58:37

    Cruel man sis

  • MbuMjikwa

    02-04 06:38:59

    give that man a beer

  • Mzilikazi

    02-04 06:46:08

    So sad indeed, he should've filed for a lawsuit & damages from that wife & her family😔

  • MohlabaneAbinar

    02-04 09:56:17

    It is Painful to find out that children you raise with all your heart and secrifises are not yours, but that doesn't justify his actions

  • TumeloMolea

    02-04 08:46:03

    Writer is drunk already😂


    02-04 07:39:52

    give that man Bells

  • +Ali-babino

    02-04 07:22:13

    he gave us few lessons more special ladies or women. lies are not good and if a woman finds out that the man is not having kids at all please divorce him immediately to prevent killing of innocent souls

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