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VIDEO:Orlando Pirates become a laughing stock on social media | All Comments

2021-02-02 20:09:29
Orlando Pirates FC came from a victorious match when they were playing against the Soweto giants rivals Kaizer Chiefs, with a 2:1 win over Chiefs. Today things have turned to be bad for them loosing two goals to zero and people are happy that it has lost t ...
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  • Kimjoe60

    02-03 10:51:05

    Stop playing down Orlando Pirates win, hsd Chiefs won on the day it could have been a good thing and a sweet revenge. Big up to Pirates win no buts.

  • GUEST_kj7eAOmyD

    02-03 11:22:33

    Pirates have good players but team selection is a problem.The coach including his technical team does not know the winning combination. I mean really with so many good players they should be competing with Sundowns by now.

  • GUEST_rkpgx33KZ

    02-04 09:54:44

    They play professional football if we compare with other teams. only problem is finishing.# PSL zibuya

  • GUEST_1e2N7E1Ny

    02-03 14:22:06

    nyc game

  • PhasudiTshwane

    02-03 13:38:56

    Chiefs is a big club indeed.I features big time in the results between pirates and Arrows.


    02-03 09:45:33

    I as a chiefs fan am happy with the Arrows results they show them that they are strong on talks in on a field Chiefs was better than them on the derby I like the penalty of lorch they must sign him on Springbok

  • GUEST_kw559x5Rw

    02-03 09:11:00

    Well done Lorch!!! Keep it up u are not a cow.

  • EdwardChongwe

    02-03 06:43:35

    stupid coach must resign before they fire hom

  • GUEST_ZzAqDxbzJ

    02-03 00:56:02

    nice game for pirates


    02-02 23:39:09

    Wait until the other football team wins

  • VictorNyembe_02

    02-02 22:16:22

    what about all the other players who are not given a chance play, what are they there for. Jz has no clue whats happening

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