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Here Is 2 Mistakes President Made Last Night | Opinion | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:56:44
NB : This Article is based on my views as an individual and not those of the opera platform. Like many other south africans.i too was one of those who has been patiently waiting for Mr President to come and speak to us as a nation and tell us what will be ...
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  • AngelineShumba

    02-02 19:20:09

    l guess he was supposed to wait to open n c how this vaccine is gonna help until mnthnd Feb stil in lockdown

  • +27-73517****

    02-02 18:43:30

    True ,now in Durban people are fighting in front of police station ,next step hospital, overcrowded no mask ,Lack of lnformal education

  • Slumdogg

    02-02 18:39:02

    speak for yourself, you want people to put their lives on hold

  • TopDwaggEntertainment

    02-02 22:53:26

    If President makes his own decision u will call him a dictator, so he is doing the right decision to include the cabinet.Ppl 's life must not be on hold,and they must make sure they take care of their lives . I don't drink but i think our President has made the right decision to open liqour businesses.Ppl must take responsibility.

  • GodfreyMasia

    02-03 11:56:02

    A Big No people are struggling to survive because of their tavence are closed not all of us are working think for those who depends on alcohol to survive in life

  • GUEST_579Dx2e41

    02-03 06:15:23

    u are crazy u stupid dumb ....

  • nolanpetersen

    02-02 19:35:31

    if that is the problem , what does the ward councillors do.

  • EvtSteeTshepoLamola

    02-03 10:06:30

    okwa masepa , u should be thinking b4 u talk😂

  • +27-081775****

    02-02 19:28:26

    listen you idiot's he did what he had to and how many times the alcohol is not the problem it's your brother's and sisters that are the problem because they don't know how to behave themselves and obey the law

  • GUEST_r9akprORX

    02-02 18:59:07

    kanti what is the cabinet for? President can't make decisions on his own. should be based on other ministers opinions. means anything he says it's Yes baas Yes baas ??? I thought maybe wi open alcohol but under strict regulations. Government of National Unity😁😂😃 blunders blunders blunders

  • LotanMbiri

    02-04 04:19:33

    I also agreed with ur opinion, tarven where no supposed to be reopened, only liquors should have allowed to sell alcohol couse we don't drink there we just buy and drink at home .

  • GUEST_KzeQy7n11

    02-03 15:43:07

    I agree with that it was too quick to open the bars and so late the taverns while others must so early from the road there's an big mistake lease

  • GUEST_NbePr6zr7

    02-03 13:58:32

    I dont see a problem with reopening of alcohol, speak to those who consume it, to behave themselves. You as a person need to discipline yourself, Mr president is also sick n tired of being blamed for no reason. Aiii you as a person need to take control of your life n he u represent yourself to the public. Grow up h drunkest. Alcohol has no problem period

  • GUEST_WA2mY627N

    02-03 13:52:00

    dont come and decide that the alcohol should be ban again as if u would pay the salaries of people whose jobless

  • GUEST_djxjPDWOj

    02-03 13:18:33

    I think tarvens owners were supposed to ask government to close even foreign shops coz seems like most S.A. business owners were the ones who sufer a lot during these lockdowns,

  • GodfreyMasia

    02-03 11:56:28

    A Big No people are struggling to survive because of their tavence are closed not all of us are working think for those who depends on alcohol to survive in life

  • GUEST_KAlEm4wa5

    02-03 11:22:00

    I agree with what you say even the ban is lifted and the sale for alcohol is Monday to Thursday people is drunk the whole weekend sirbiens owners is still selling on weekends people is up and down there is now social distance any I'm not happy with the time at pubs it's morsig when people become drunk people's lives is very important

  • ThokoLekker

    02-03 10:40:21

    I feel for the message who has to make a decision however individuals must decide for their lives and their family members.

  • GarnetJames

    02-03 09:32:35

    You are definitely right

  • MosesMakgoba

    02-03 09:24:18

    Lifting ban was not a bad idea. Economy need to keep going. I agree with you about on-site consumption of alcohol as it poses danger on spreading the virus. Some families also depend on alcohol


    02-03 08:12:42

    I fully agree to ban the alcohol coz now GBV is gng to get worse and so the infections oh how can uncle Cyril do this

  • GUEST_N1Kg2KG08

    02-03 07:30:54

    am with you in this,, peoples behaviour after consuming liquor is unacceptable,,,, they are not only putting their lives in danger ,, but all includinh their families and loved ones... am indeed dissapointed in that Mr Pres, it was indeed a dradtic decision to make


    02-03 07:06:43

    I think with out allowing the people the chance to adopt good behavior how would they understand what bad behavior is,

  • SandraFisherSampson

    02-03 06:54:11

    We must consider the people that work in the Industry that must provide for their family, and not just think of us as individuals, if u have a job and can provide for your family then grant this opportunity to the people in the SAB Industry and not just think of ourselves.

  • GUEST_B618BVy1x

    02-03 06:42:52

    I totally agree wth u

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