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Here Is Proof That South African Police Are Useless And Uneducated - OPINION | All Comments

2021-04-07 10:15:23
The way that a South African female police carried her gun shocked a lot of people and proved that South African police are as hopeless as they are made out to be.Police are one of the most disrespected people in South Africa. ...
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    04-07 12:19:15

    There are many police with different heavy qualifications, even microbiogy degree, chemistry, LLB, n many more qualifications, so take away that wrong perception

  • GUEST_aMqevGbLL

    04-07 12:27:18

    U like saying people are useless as u are useful

  • SimonMahlate

    04-07 12:19:23

    it doesn't matter how u do it, results more important

  • MduduziMilanzi

    04-07 11:38:33

    We laughing at ourselves coz it goes back to say black ppl are incompetent.

  • DavidsNkhomah

    04-07 12:54:00

    I disagree with you, you can't judge all of them because of One stupid mistake from an individual, SAPs are doing excellent job so far, so please change the headline.

  • GUEST_oO8V9nez5

    04-07 16:52:00

    Not all police are having matric only, some have degree and diploma,


    04-07 16:25:40

    Useless people are people who always look for mistakes and publish them instead of correcting.A useful person will not spend time on social platforms

  • WidneySamuelMabunda

    04-07 12:34:11

    Ke swagger 🤔

  • SimonMahlate

    04-07 12:20:21

    dog stile or on top child is born

  • louispurkiss

    04-07 12:14:28

    Ignoramus. 😎


    04-07 21:34:15

    But which level of education is required to be a SAcn police officer if you say they're uneducated? I think you the writer need schooling since it doesn't need high qualifications to know on how to use & handle a firearm

  • GUEST_Vr01Y5lzK

    04-07 14:24:50

    You're hating that's all

  • NzheleThenga

    04-07 13:51:28

    The results of dis nawadays force training of saying 200 trainees required only once u application is through u a police............yesteryears was best because if dey need 200 dey take 800 hundred trainees 4 two weeks training selection where the best candidate fit to be police will remain. Not all bantustan and apartheid bylaws or way of doing things a opppresive.......thus only to produce the best

  • GUEST_bEorRb3JD

    04-07 14:55:17

    Let's not forget that SAPS is the most corrupt institution in the country. Most of the police in saps got the job through connection.

  • LuckyRathogwa

    04-07 13:25:45

    tecrueted period of zuma

  • GUEST_bEorRb3JD

    04-07 15:01:58

    SAPS is useless and corrupt to the core security companies in mzanzi are performing much better than our police they are well trained and disciplined. SAPS is useless.

  • PatrickChadira

    04-07 14:58:53

    please don't misjudge south African police know what they do you who is provoking them to uneducated is mentally

  • GUEST_3N9Ran7bb

    04-07 21:26:08

    to you and you alone

  • SizakeleHlatshwayo

    04-07 18:58:59

    A fool wrote this article, and this fool is trying hard to sound relevant. Foolish writer there is no use to educate you of anything. In your article you showed your nakedness. Your high level stupidity led you to write such an uneducated article that lacks depth and insight. But who am I when we have you the golden child who is highly educated enough to write a whole lot of nonsense

  • GUEST_MVpPeyRjw

    04-07 13:18:22

    She could lil herself instantly. She needs re training.

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