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Seven armed robbers shot by police at six avenue street" See pictures | All Comments

2021-02-21 05:03:33
Thanks to our law enforcement who protect us from thugs and criminals.Seven armed robbers were shot by police in Harare after a police chase.Make sure you click the follow button for more news and remember to share with your loved ones. ...
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  • GUEST_37zdA796m

    02-22 15:44:18

    Bad People can never appreciate the police for a good job because they are so much criminally minded well done guys forget about the way the police guys were treated During End SARS God is by your side


    02-21 21:00:04

    moinus off the street at least. no human rights with Emerson mnanangwa

  • CarlMothusi_03

    02-21 20:05:46

    👌👍thanks guys good job

  • ButanaRobertMahlaule_01

    02-21 17:33:08

    Good job police


    02-21 09:52:38

    write in vendace chief will hear you

  • GUEST_aXe40Mb8k

    02-21 22:38:33

    kill all criminals without mercy everyday for a better SA

  • Fortunejamaal#SAnewshub

    02-21 22:28:32



    02-21 09:57:31

    as long as they are doing that in thier country

  • +263-77433****

    02-21 07:34:54

    What language is this story written in??

  • StellaAkueEhiamentalor

    02-24 09:55:35

    Police officers well done you tried but stop harassing innocent people

  • GUEST_Lpj95a45n

    02-21 06:53:16

    They are always giving long term with no judgment,, releasing thugs on bail that's why there is an increase in crime

  • GUEST_0e5oeAW3V

    02-21 07:33:46

    General. Thanks guys ....it's a good lesson

  • +267-7630****

    02-21 06:56:41

    confused story, editors of opera must be arrested too

  • FaithJ.Udokeh

    02-21 21:11:33

    it is not in nigeria

  • ThomasIgwe_01

    02-21 18:24:46

    Let the police be fully supported. it is thieves and Yahoo boys and girls that will never like police so that they continue to move around and display their stolen wealth

  • GUEST_3NPe092Q9

    02-21 14:41:04

    can you quickly tell us why you use quickly so many times. there are synonyms you know.

  • IyoliZoffBassey

    02-21 09:15:36

    that is fine


    02-21 09:02:21

    Good job. Nigerian police would have had them arrested when it was glaring they are armed rubbers that should be killed and jugded instantly.

  • GUEST_J640qqdWd

    02-21 08:53:48

    good job


    02-21 07:17:53

    Zero tolerance to these notorious criminals...Good riddance to rotten cops

  • GUEST_5ALg18kAe

    02-21 06:28:52

    was this written after research or coz the street and number of thieves (kaguvi and sixth avenue??????????????????)

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