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Julius Malema Misses Winnie Mandela As He Turns 40 | All Comments

2021-03-03 13:52:36
Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema posted a photo of him and the late Mama Winnie Mandela as he reflects on the journey that he has travelled for fourty years. ...
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  • GregoryBogi

    03-04 08:09:02

    I think this dude is more than forty,I could be wrong though but...🙄

  • DavidEdwards_01

    03-06 12:38:47

    Oooooh, so you were the screen protector of Winnie Mandela when Mandela was in prison? I see....It is bad-ooo when you miss a dead person-ooo..

  • PoomaniChetty

    03-04 03:56:30

    beautiful pic of both.to see my spcial mama.feels good🤗

  • GUEST_Jyn7kXN0w

    03-03 18:51:57

    Hi. Malema must go home back in Zimbabwe where he was born. Big party for his birthday with family.

  • ZondwaMbayana

    03-03 15:31:41

    What about your mom?

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