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Watch : A Suspect Shoot & Kill Three Alleged Robbers In Hillbrow, Johannesburg. | All Comments

2021-02-22 18:56:01
The video footage shows an incident where a suspect is approaching while three men are sitting down we see the man threw out his pistol and start shooting at the man in question, who shot the first man in the head and he collapsed immediately probably died ...
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  • GUEST_zV2yvpVML

    02-23 11:37:45

    well done do more to those robbers

  • GUEST_N6024dZ6e

    02-23 07:39:32

    This story would have made sense had it been not written in new English.

  • CarlMothusi_03

    02-22 22:16:51

    he knows them they robbed him so he do the comeback that time criminal forget him and he remember them.

  • CarlMothusi_03

    02-22 22:12:49

    no don't call him a suspect shooter call him a hero of the day because can you imagine someone robbed you your cellphone or wages you work hard for it. And our police have information about thaks making life of people hell in a streets at town. we'll done man good lesson

  • GUEST_2JewzoAae

    02-24 07:06:51

    Criminals put to rest. Peace in that street now. One day coming from home,with a guy nd a lady who didn't know where to get coaches to Cape town,were confronted by those robbers. 5 of them,they c I lead nd said to me"give me R200 or I shoot u. Guy nd lady shivering nd I said keep walking. Wen they encircle me,boom! My ancestors strike them sprawling them to the walls.. My fone was visible n still there. I said "keep going" to those I was with for the robot was opening. That's how Joburg is.

  • proudlyparktonian

    02-23 04:56:08

    what a,hit

  • +27-76500****

    02-22 23:02:49

    well done father... they deserved it

  • Pitbull_04

    02-23 06:23:08

    Foreigners killing foreigners, that's so impressive 😂👏

  • GUEST_r9YdbXarn

    02-23 02:11:27

    We are criminal state cos of Nigerians that give people drugs hence they can bravely commit crime


    02-24 07:15:10

    Please please please , go to school and learn to speak English., it is actually very frustrating trying to make head or tail of what the hell you are trying to say !!!!

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