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A man was captured shopping and what he held in his hand got people talking | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:00:47
Married people and single people live completely different lives. When [people are still dating there are some boundaries that they do not cross.  There are certain things like using the bathroom at the same time or farting inform of your partner. Those t ...
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  • GUEST_AYweqzN2g

    02-04 16:31:12


  • NosiphoMasina

    02-02 16:34:50

    what's wrong in buying your patner underwears

  • GUEST_r9Eo19g0q

    02-02 16:25:06

    That's good keep it up man that's wonderful

  • GUEST_Lg9Vy7kyY

    02-02 17:30:42

    Fool So what is such a big deal about ladys panties

  • GUEST_LB80nwq4E

    02-02 23:22:39

    Maybe is just because it unusual happened to black people, I have seen a lot in white people and there is nothing wrong about it. If you buy a lady underwear she can't forgot you anymore. I am the one who also do this.

  • TheenaAsia_01

    02-02 18:59:19

    My husband will buy me panties and also my sanitary towels so i do not see anything wrong.Maybe the wife or girlfriend is unable to do the purchasing.

  • Vetheo

    02-03 15:44:45

    he doesn't want to give her lover any cent.


    02-03 00:45:26

    Udlisiwe ! don't think so

  • VK-Digital

    02-02 23:02:00

    Underwears and what's shocking 🤯 there.....????

  • GUEST_zEJaqNqD0

    02-02 20:50:36

    Wow,she's likely to have him

  • TumeloMolea

    02-02 17:57:40

    Korobela at work here😂🤞

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