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How a South Africa's World Class City Became Worst City Ever #City of Johannesburg (Opinion) | All Comments

2021-02-18 06:55:46
When I graduated from high school i could not wait to come to the city of gold or johannesburg since it was a talk of everyone.People who had come to johannesburg before described its beauty with so much details. ...
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  • +27-076179****

    02-18 13:51:27

    Whatever the white man built is being destroyed by blacks.

  • GUEST_69RL0PE5x

    03-03 06:50:22

    shows you the mentality between the whites and blacks. blacks cannot even improve or develop anything given to them even if they are spoon fed. it can be seen in majority of the african countries after independence. black people should stop living in a fantasy world that the black govt is going to get you out of poverty.

  • D'zoohD'zooh

    02-18 09:08:27

    think as South Africans, there has been too much freedom such that others now want to over power the rights of others. I don’t believe it’s really happening where by someone just decides to control another person yet he doesn’t have the authority to do so. The law is also watching. Somethings when they happen here in South Africa one gets a lot of unanswered questions. In a country that where the law is fully implemented, such things cannot happen and people who do these are local citizens not foreigners...they are abusing Other people. What is this thing called?

  • GUEST_9W8Pkl2lG

    02-18 14:33:18

    blame ANC

  • GUEST_r9YdbXarn

    02-18 08:36:45

    south Africa made the biggest mistake ever by allowing Nigerians to come to our country.....however luckily we are a progressive nation we now have best new recently cities like Sandton city n umhlanga rock, south Africa is advancing very fast in terms of infrastructural development but along as these Nigerians demons are in our country they will keep vandalizing our cities

  • GUEST_N70AmJl7l

    02-18 11:07:18

    Uncontrolled immigration, allowing buildings to be hijacked, allowing uncontrolled trade on pavements, not maintaining streets, allowing criminals to operate with impunity etc. This is the ANCs legacy to SA

  • GUEST_69RL0PE5x

    02-18 10:31:15

    not only big cities are destroyed. small beautiful towns are also gone to the dogs. its unliky these towns and cities will improve under this govt.

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