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Home Affairs have an opportunity to Arrest illegal foreigners at Vaccine Queues- SA cry Out | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:30:18
Home Affairs have an opportunity to Arrest illegal foreigners at Vaccine Queues- SA cry Out South African man blame home affairs for their refusal to arrest and Deport illegal foreigners when they had the opportunity. The south African man reveals that the ...
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  • BovenBanda_02

    02-02 19:09:03

    Don't fight one another Ur a black African,I'm also black as well so an African is not a foreigner in Africa,think DEEP,we r one blood .

  • GUEST_vanB3z1DP

    02-02 17:28:49

    do u know who give that money to gave foreigners vaccine is a Zimbabwean

  • GUEST_XmypNXloK

    02-05 18:15:28

    Kikikiki who said we want the vaccine kkk. I don't like it

  • GUEST_8y5jX9q6l

    02-02 17:20:18

    Our leaders are only serving their own families, they don't care of South Africans as long as they get their fat income from our tax, we don't have leadership all countries look after their people first but not in South Africa.

  • GUEST_vanB3z1DP

    02-02 17:25:37

    U man who hate foreigners u ll die with heart attack

  • JayRamdas

    02-02 18:42:06

    Vat die makwerkwera.... Vat hulle die foken vuilgoed 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵


    02-02 18:15:33

    Vaccine is not food....even if you can not give the foreigners they will not loose anything

  • WilliamMaakisaki

    02-03 01:50:24

    Just dont gives this kweri's the vaccine. Pretend its the vaccine and put a deadly poisen into this AMAKWERIKWERI'S

  • GUEST_e2MzZE9Zz

    02-02 17:11:03

    Kkkkkkkk some people are stressing out about other people from other countries. Those people don't worry if u unhappy or happy it won't change them


    02-03 05:44:55

    we will take the law in to our hands to distroying the illegal foreigners in our country it will be war this year because no more jobs in our country the illegal foreigners took our jobs cityzen of south Africa they are not working

  • ThembalethuGeorgeMagquntulu

    02-03 01:23:14

    They will be arrested there is a plan

  • GUEST_XW9nm0MlD

    02-02 22:45:07

    we must not vote for ANC again and EFF


    02-02 19:48:06

    They will start flowing in now for vaccine

  • GUEST_Q2wmBvONn

    02-02 17:48:49

    They say if can't win them then join them

  • GUEST_9W9Dq13n7

    02-03 23:05:55

    some people are defecating trash. what you don't know about us foreigners is that even if we may be apprehended and deported, we will find our way back. Not all of us are here to work for anyone, but we are here to make business that you will support for its growth that makes longing for more. so you being our best customers it would be worrisome from your side should you lack the services we provide

  • PunishMe

    02-03 19:06:36

    go shove your stupid vaccine in your backside who cares about a stupid vaccine from imperialists


    02-03 13:22:20

    They keep being moered by white people and all they are interested in Zimbos. Idiots.


    02-03 13:20:26

    Who said foreigners are interested in your stupid xenophobic vaccine?

  • GUEST_e9VVxaL02

    02-03 12:58:01

    Someone not even shame talking about trump where's he now voted out of power because of inhumane


    02-03 12:42:02

    South Africa please you guys must grow up! because all Africa are brother and sister if you guys keep doing that nonsense,im sorry for what will happen in future in the country because you are not the owner of the country God is giving sign the government should look in to this message because I see warning government should talk to the youth now to stop there nonsense on their brothers and sisters thank Africa youth group

  • GUEST_lqw0zQoVY

    02-03 12:02:11

    I will never accept that vaccine from Mulungu they wanna to kill me!tell them to start in europea how will you vaccinate who is not ill!


    02-03 10:33:12

    No foreigner dare about this vaccine you can take it

  • GUEST_R0O080ajD

    02-03 07:58:29

    Why do you have hatred disease over people who are strunded and suffering to get survival


    02-03 07:44:19

    If Black Africa's are the ones you refer as a foreigners then I will tell you that you're crazy. the money to vaccinate foreigners were given by a Zim guy and you're here talking rubbish. this is the reason why your so call country is sinking while you're busy fighting those that never fight you. Go to Deputy Chief Judge and ask him to give you list of those criminals that stole billions of South African money since 2008. DUDU NYENI, JACOB ZUMA, BRIAN MOLEFE, RAMAPHOSA AND SO ON. Fight them to return all they stole in other to enrich themselves while you're being so stupid out there. it's your right to protest for them stealing from you and your future and stop fight people that ran to you for comfort #Rubbish


    02-03 07:12:14

    RSA ur idiots u can't see that ur fighting ich others.... Seens u start fighting ich other did u hear wt people.............

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