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SA: HIV Positive Lady Gives A Strong Message To All HIV Patients. | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:17:59
SA: HIV Positive Lady Gives A Strong Message To All HIV Patients. Zingile Dikhona is a HIV positive female that stayed in contact with her story on twitter and uncovering her status to the world without a disfavor. She has been sure for quite a while. Ding ...
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  • GUEST_oWKVVyewg

    02-02 19:00:57

    If already and with more than 24 months on treatment do i have to keep drinking it everyday

  • leonardMoshiga

    02-03 05:05:20

    To be honest i have been drinking ARVs for 15years and am still strong than ever

  • GUEST_ePl1K1MA1

    02-05 07:31:00

    Thank you

  • GUEST_7706o92AZ

    02-04 21:37:09

    Sis u mad wena writer

  • GUEST_X2LdpnwZp

    02-02 17:12:55

    What time of the day do you take the new tab


    02-03 10:30:23

    I've started to take arvs since 2000 I'm still getting stronger and stronger

  • DrTT

    02-03 04:00:03


  • GUEST_XRjawO76m

    02-02 21:39:55

    Hiv myths biggest liar

  • +27-76039****

    02-02 18:29:41


  • GUEST_2q9qX5OLZ

    02-03 18:45:33

    sfebe se aids ngunyoko ophuza ama ARVs

  • GUEST_q5KbN0nyN

    02-03 11:30:33

    For those with HIV Aids positive believe it or not its ur business.. Get black seeds 🌱.. Take a teaspoon of black seeds + a teaspoon of raw honey 🍯 mix it.. Drink early morning b4 breakfast 🥣 n do the same b4 bed 🛏 time evryday for six month.. Then go a have multiple test again.. Then come bk to me for gratitude... Its ur life its ur choice.. Take care

  • GUEST_qda7rRDPL

    02-03 15:38:52

    it seems, HIV AIDS has no effect on your life? African be serious pls! one single day white pple will send to you fake ARVs & entire population of black pple with HIV AIDs will end there on.

  • GUEST_aXM3l981l

    02-03 09:17:17

    Voetsek Sefebe sa AIDS

  • GUEST_194kjzZgK

    02-03 07:29:26



    02-03 05:39:30



    02-03 05:27:10

    16 years now

  • MartinMukarakate

    02-03 04:57:48

    thanks again send more pls

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