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See why this boy doesn't want to zip up his trouser | All Comments

2021-02-18 05:10:00
Most kids are spoiled that they even think that they can do whatever they want in classrooms so that everyone can see them as bosses because they are so called "cheese boys" boy that grew up in a great family who can afford expensive things in life. ...
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  • SilindileMagagula

    02-19 09:37:01

    stupid boy

  • WilliamHall

    02-18 18:13:00

    maybe he wants to show the ladies he got money and for them to fall for something else

  • GUEST_pxK9qqw1y

    02-18 15:26:49

    china fabiani

  • MasekoInnocent

    02-19 08:10:24

    uyisilima boy shuthi everyday u wear the same under wear just impress people who don't about you...

  • BaneleC.Nkhosi

    02-22 00:36:42

    mgodoyi wenja

  • +27-64198****

    02-18 21:19:31

    children are allowed to fail at school, it gives them a second chance to grow and develop maturely. but a Principal is not allowed to fail the whole school. So any SKHOTHANE found in any school premise should expelled from every SA school for 365 days.! Asiyilungiseni as parents of school goers.

  • JoyceMaffa

    02-19 23:17:52

    foolish boy

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