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Zimbabweans are angry after seeing the police using this to carry a dead body | All Comments

2021-02-12 13:34:25
It’s no news that’s the economy of Zimbabwe keeps going down each and every day.Schools, Hospitals and other government facilities keep sinking into the ground making people’s liv es difficult and contributing to the mortality rate in the country. ...
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  • +27-78598****

    02-12 16:11:41

    Yea is tough


    02-13 16:14:50

    was the departed meant to rot at home??this is dignity enough


    02-13 09:39:29

    Wish they could get infected with corona

  • GUEST_Vrmy0lz8g

    02-12 17:42:13

    A brainwashed individual can't help themselves so my take is this, instead of hating on them let's embrace them... they've been through a lot and eventually they'll see the light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully stand up for themselves

  • GUEST_AEnJgwwA7

    02-12 17:46:15

    Let them use their bare hands. Stupid idiots.

  • GUEST_Vg626dyRY

    02-12 18:52:17

    even if they use bare hands I wouldn't mind coz they are regime enablers

  • +263-78291****

    02-13 13:52:41

    ZANU police no problem they must use bare hands

  • IgnatiousNyamhunga_01

    02-13 11:15:46

    Chawora chinhu ichi

  • DavidPanganai

    02-13 04:17:35


  • GUEST_81mYYeekR

    02-12 15:07:47


  • GUEST_kWB3pG7Ld

    02-12 14:43:22

    Zanupf is just hatable

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