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"All I need is someone who can make me happy" - A woman declares on social media | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:53:45
The rich women have their own problems associated with their own type of life. Some of the things that rich women deal with is loneliness and have no man approaching them. Men are particularly afraid of approaching rich women, men fear that such women won' ...
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  • GUEST_qG4pRbB2Q

    02-02 18:45:56


  • MukoyaDhijaszBartholomeus

    02-02 18:39:31

    chatting on I am ready to make you comfortable,,,,a real offer,,no regretting babe

  • Thecityofmercy

    02-03 00:52:22

    looking for a man to make you happy is like looking for water inside the rock, you will remain mistrabble for the rest of your life. the true source of happiness comes from within. knowing the manual of the manufacturer about you. your true identity make you happy for the rest of your life. this is why you are here on Earth.

  • FredOMomodu

    02-03 00:34:45

    I can make you happy for d rest of your life.be my

  • GUEST_6J8Jvg0jM

    02-03 00:16:32

    good,evening how was your day,hope your fine promise. i can do it any tin you need

  • olaa_01

    02-03 05:05:24

    What are you prepared to offer in return beside the usual honey bucket??

  • UgoMondayUgoMonday

    02-02 19:05:05

    nothing u need more than very big cassava come to me u will enjoy it is me here in warri Delta state

  • Emmykcul

    02-02 18:18:48

    What you need is the HOLY SPIRIT. that's all. Stop deceiving yourself.

  • FestusIbitoye_01

    02-02 17:58:49

    l will make you happy

  • WisdomFelator_01

    02-02 19:57:18

    Happiness is a result of satisfaction. it won't be easy to satisfy you

  • +234-#alfredusoronsimae#

    02-02 19:00:55

    Double wahala

  • UdokaRemigius_02

    02-02 18:26:43

    What do you mean, by saying that will take good care of you...You have everything you need...

  • ChukwumaElijahNwogbu

    02-02 19:21:21

    Let these kinds of women marry their money because they think that money is everything.

  • MzwandileNofemele

    02-02 17:54:38

    Hi try me I promise you I can make anything to make u happy my 👸❤️

  • GUEST_wm6V3rvzL

    02-02 19:45:02

    Lisa girl, everything really depends on your definition of "happy"!

  • ThaboSamuel

    02-03 19:08:21

    may God bless you with one

  • GUEST_vv5y9vkL0

    02-03 13:13:11

    mama is unfortunately all this peoples are after your money no one is telling the truth ,the thing is how happy we are talking about because you can be happy by yourself you don't need any person to do that for you just thing about it

  • +233-0272xxxxxx

    02-03 09:26:57

    mango is a fruit n it have time to be sell n get profit or later beg customers to take it in credit

  • PeterTau_01

    02-03 05:59:24

    I will be your be. Men

  • GUEST_6DqzlzqOw

    02-03 04:23:28

    Try me

  • NkosinathiMswane

    02-02 22:03:18

    isi me please

  • GUEST_2Qq1qJjv8

    02-02 20:31:03

    Hi Baby I will make happy inbox me please

  • GUEST_ynWJkP7gl

    02-02 20:22:15

    For make yoh happy is simple to me and i will do more than What you expected. Really enjoyed with me


    02-02 20:03:25

    Zimba ,am ready to make You comfortable

  • GUEST_QPrkX0Blw

    02-02 19:33:32

    How can find you

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