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ANC Top Official Has Been Cleared Of Corruption | All Comments

2021-02-02 16:44:03
Twitter Handle: News_Ample (Dedicated, Determined, and Dependable) The African National Congress is trying by all means, fighting tooth and nail to suspend and remove the bad and rotten apples within themselves. This is only a way to try and rebrand the 'o ...
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  • JayRamdas

    02-02 17:55:50

    Who cleared him the anc..... U guys are going to die one way or the. Other 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • +27-067656****

    02-02 18:15:53

    cleared by another political element of anc πŸ™„πŸ™„


    02-02 17:52:38

    But the CFO knows something is politic at play with our SIU?

  • GUEST_7a7PpmXmX

    02-02 21:04:58

    they are not criminal

  • R.S.A-MyCountry

    02-02 18:34:05

    Criminals Cleary a fellow criminal. What logic do you expect.

  • [email protected]

    02-03 09:06:11

    we are led by mafias

  • terris

    02-03 03:42:56

    you know guys when you against corruption the well try to in include you in way amafiya

  • JudyMAPHAI

    02-03 01:49:11

    who's fooling who here?

  • GUEST_JvK8qyx2r

    02-02 23:22:10

    1st it was that boy with 5 new cars in one day.He denied being involved. Now again he is cleared? something not adding up here. Can I be given a tusk to probe this.

  • GUEST_jv8e0W3G9

    02-02 19:47:05

    I think sometimes when you hate me please don't implicate me in u're wrong doings just to think zifanganvunye just to clear u're conscious what i mean is makhura was sure and knows very well that he was never ever had a hand in ppe tender it was not ANC who investigate him but the private company

  • KevinGeorge_02

    02-02 19:19:00

    this is what happens if ANC investigate ANC members always comes out clear on the other side

  • MkhacaniMatrou

    02-02 19:09:38

    Let them clear their names and those who fails step aside

  • JobMosetlhe_02

    02-02 18:46:01

    All the ANC officials are criminals as they do corruption contractors together enriching themselves while the other people staying in Tin Houses, no clean water sharing water with Animals and drinking Firebrand pumps water


    02-02 18:44:16

    who cleared him Ramaphosa?????

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